479 NEWS

Welcome to Your New Member Dashboard


On Friday, December 16th, our new and improved Member Dashboard (www.iaentertainment-locals.org/479) website was finally released to the membership, following many long months of planning and development.  Our primary mission has been to put as much control in our members’ hands, providing tools so that they may access information quickly and efficiently. The Member Dashboard has been an enormous effort on the front end (for members) and the back end (for administration by staff) and the site now provides access to the data considered proprietary to our members – from personal account balance and history of assessments paid, to call sheets, production lists, and rumors list, the information members need is now available and secure, and mobile-friendly. Keep reading for a visual walk-through of the new Member Dashboard website.

Each member will now access the site using individual usernames and passwords.  We strongly recommend that you do not share your login credentials with others, as it will grant them access to your financial details and the ability to change your personal data.


Jobs Section

This section is designed to provide members with tools for finding employment and for putting your name on the availability list.

Production Lists

This tab provides users with frequently updated lists of features and episodics currently in production, as well as a list of shows rumored to be slated for production in our jurisdiction.


Crew Lists

This tab provides PDFs of crew lists provided to the local by productions. Contact information for non-members (at the time of document preparation) have been scrubbed from these PDFs.


Availability List Online

This important upgrade to our Member Dashboard allows each member to control their availability status to productions on a weekly basis, with day-by-day granularity using a simple checklist. This tab streamlines the availability list process for both users in the field and for administrators at the local, and we believe that everyone will find this particularly useful.



Agreements Section

This section is a repository for all of the contractual agreements between our local and the studios, from ASA to HBO, including commercials and low budget productions. These are the same contracts that your Business Agent and Field Reps consult when protecting you and your fellow members, and you are encouraged to study them.



Meetings Section

This section provides copies of the minutes for previously recorded General Membership and Executive Board meetings in PDF format, as well as the date of the next meeting(s) and directions to the local.



Reports Section


Running Reports

Members may now search the local’s crew database by department and craft specialty. This new feature radically improves the experience for our members looking to hire other members, as well as for the staff who must update this data on a frequent basis. A standard PDF will still be available from the public website, but we believe that members will find running reports from the Member Dashboard to be a far more effective solution. Additional tabs for Special Skills and Special Certifications will provide rich search options for our users.


Contact Section

We encourage members to add the office number and address to your contacts list on your phone so that you never have to look it up, but it’s always here in case you need it. This information is also available from the public website’s Contact section.


My Account Section

This section allows each member to update their personal contact information, their crafts and skills, and to view statements of paid and unpaid dues.


Member Info

This tab provides a quick heads-up display of your current standing with the local along with the ability to update your residential address and contact information.


Crafts and Skills

Members may self-administer their department listing(s) on this tab and while it’s possible to be listed in several different departments each member must elect for one to be their primary department. New members are encouraged to approach this ability to be listed in multiple departments with caution, as frequent changes may be confusing to department heads, who are generally looking for day players who are committed to that specific department.

Something new that’s coming with this update is the ability for members to make payments via the website, allowing working members to take care of their obligations to the local even if they’re in the middle of a field, on location.



This tab displays all charges made for quarterly stamp dues, late fees, and assessments.




This tab provides a quick snapshot of all of the recorded payments made by the member, including the method of payment.


Members may now review assessments made from their working dues, with records reaching back as far as 2008 for some. Assessments may be searched by date and information from these records can be compiled and saved out as a PDF.

Additional tabs allow for the reprinting of invoices, the observation of specialty certificates (which must be submitted to the office for inclusion in your profile), and you may also change your password under the “Password” tab.


More to come…

Several additional sections will be added in 2017 and we’ll bring you an update once those go live!