479 NEWS

Vacation Check Update


Despite our best efforts to inform our membership of the details of Local 479’s Vacation Check program there are still a few members who have missed our announcements at meetings, email alerts and social media shares. The program is very simple: you will be receiving a vacation check IF you were in good standing at the end of the year AND if you contributed more than $1,000 in 3% work dues during the previous year. You will NOT be receiving a vacation check if either of those two conditions were not met. The office will not be investigating missing checks until mid-April, to allow for potential delays by the postal service or for miscommunications within households (like a spouse depositing the check for you while you’re working splits – it happens!). So please: help us inform your fellow members by sharing this post!

If you are unsure about the answers to #1 or #2, please log into your account by visiting www.iaentertainment-locals.org. If you recently moved but did not update your address, you can update it online by logging into your account at the website above, or you can call the office to update it. Your vacation check will be returned to us in the mail in the following weeks, and when we receive it we will mail it to the newly provided address on file.