479 NEWS

The 2016 Local 479 Elections

Ballots will be mailed out today, Friday, October 21st, for an election to fill three positions in our local. The candidates for this year are listed below, alphabetically by office then last name. Incumbents are denoted out to the side with the word “incumbent” in brackets, as so: [incumbent].

Business Agent

  • Mike Akins [incumbent]
  • Gene-o Johnson
  • Greg Waddle


Labor Delegate to the Atlanta Labor Council

  • Peter McGoran [incumbent]
  • Jim Recznik


Sergeant at Arms

  • Michael Filosa [incumbent]
  • Kathy Tonkin-Vazquez


Please be sure to read the voting instructions and fully comply with the voting procedure. If you do not accurately follow instructions on how to return your voted ballot it will be deemed invalid by the company conducting the ballot count, The American Arbitration Association (AAA), and removed from the count.


A detailed description of the election schedule and the procedures involved was emailed to members by the office this past Tuesday, October 18th.


Please try to return your voted ballot as soon as you are able to ensure that it is delivered to the post office box prior to collection for the vote.


Ballots will be collected from the post office, counted by AAA, and transported to the Local 479 offices on Monday, November 21st.


The ballots have been printed by Superior Printing (a union printer).