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Thank You President Loeb

Thank You President Loeb!

Your leadership has inspired the members of Local 479 to achieve excellence over the past decade and since the last convention we have been actively implementing the 4 Pillars of Success.



The future of our union is our youth, and Local 479’s Young Workers Committee has become a vibrant part Atlanta’s local community, raising more than $45,000 for homegrown charities since 2015.


Skills & Safety

Local 479’s Education Department has proven to be very popular and this year we are expanding our facilities to accommodate an ever-increasing demand for workshops, classes and seminars.



We remain committed to the vigilant advancement of workers rights, turning several productions in the first quarter of this year, a process made more delicate due to our location in a right to work state.



In the past year we rolled out three new websites, enhanced our social media presence, and have been actively developing problem solving tools to help our members navigate complex contractual issues.


Thank you President Loeb, we look forward to many more years of success under your guidance!