479 NEWS

MetLife Insurance Now Available


If you have not checked your members-only email messages in the past few days let us share some good news with you now: Local 479 has enlisted the services of MetLife to afford our members in good standing the benefits of Short Term Disability (STD), Long Term Disability (LTD), and Basic Life Insurance coverage. Effective January 1, 2016, MetLife began underwriting the Local 479 STD, LTD and Basic Life Insurance plans. For plan overview and additional details on this program check your Breaking News email.

Open Enrollment 2016


Once again it is open enrollment period for Plan C Health Benefits. The mailing of statements has begun and all statements should be received by the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday. This is an opportunity to enroll if you are not currently enrolled (if eligible) or the opportunity to make needed changes for the best possible coverage for you or your family. New enrollments, payments and changes are due in the (more…)