479 NEWS

2015 Facility Updates

Most of the planned improvements to Local 479’s new facility have been completed (or are nearing completion) and as 2015 wraps up it’s a good time to look back at how much has been accomplished this past year.

New Video System – a new video system was added to the assembly hall this fall. The new system allows us to participate in remote video conferences, conduct presentations by beaming camera coverage to the televisions inside and outside the assembly hall. Local 600 has already used the system for their national meeting.

Media Center – the new media center is now fully functional, with wall-mounted monitors displaying up-to-date contact information for current productions, both television and feature.

Painted/Sealed – the Training Workshop has had its (more…)

Local 479’s Historic Move to Larger Facility

Aerial photograph showing proximity of old building and new building

The new IATSE Local 479 Atlanta Headquarters has moved to a larger building on the adjacent property.

On June 19th, 2015, IATSE Local 479’s unprecedented decade of growth was highlighted by a transition to a  larger member-owned facility, directly adjacent to the offices the local has occupied for the past two years.

Younger members may be interested to learn that their local’s office has moved many times since it was first chartered on October 1, 1986. The local’s first real office space was located along Piedmont Avenue, just south of Cheshire Bridge Road.

Several years later, no longer able to afford the expense of (more…)