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Member Dashboard: Reset Password Instructions

2019 Member Dashboard login screen



Forgotten your password to the Member Dashboard website? This post will take you through the necessary steps for resetting your password so you can access your account and other member-only information like productions lists, crew lists, and more.

Step One: Click “Lost your password?”

Beneath the login button is a link titled “Lost your password?” (note red arrow in image).

Click this link.

Step 1 – Member Dashboard Lost Password


Step Two: Enter Your Email Address

In the field provided type your email address and click the button “Get New Password”.

Important! If you have more than one email address you must use the one that you have instructed the office to use as your primary email address.  Any other address you submit will be not be on file and will not work. If you’re not sure which email address to use check your email inbox to see which address has been receiving emails from Local 479. If you can’t figure this out call the local at (404) 361-5676 and ask for help!

Step 2 – Member Dashboard Lost Password



Step Three: Reset Password Confirmation

If you have correctly entered the email the local has on file for you the login screen will provide a confirmation that an email reset has been emailed to you at that address. If you receive an error go back to step 2 and make sure you’re using the correct email address. If you can’t figure this out call the local at (404) 361-5676 and ask for help!

Step 3 – Member Dashboard Lost Password



Step Four: Check Your Email

Check your inbox for an email from the office labeled “[IATSE Local 479 Members] Password Reset”.

Look for a link at the end of the email and click it.

Check your email for a link to reset your password


Step Five: Create a New Password

A new window will open in your browser, requesting you to enter a password of your choosing.

Be sure that your new password is at least 12 characters long. To make your password more secure it is recommended that you employ a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, and include numbers and symbols like !”?$%^&(.

Once you are ready to proceed, click the button “Reset Password”.

Enter your preferred password then confirm it in second field


Step Six: Confirmation

A confirmation screen will appear to confirm that your password has been reset.

Now you just need to log in, so click the blue letters “Log in”.

Click the link  “Log in”


Step Seven: Log in with your freshly reset credentials!

Enter your email address and the new password you created in Step 4.

Log in with your freshly reset credentials!

If you have any questions or problems regarding this process please call the office at (404) 361-5676.