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Production Assistants Listed in Covered Crafts

Dear Department Heads:

This is a reminder that the IA does not recognize PA’s in covered-craft departments. The recognized tasks of a PA include making copies, handling lunch orders, making coffee, answering phones, etc. All of these tasks fall under the production department’s responsibilities. When a PA is listed under a covered-craft department, the union presumes them to be engaged in covered-craft work (i.e. taping up receipts, handling wardrobe, managing budgets, writing PO’s, etc.).

We understand that some departments utilize PA’s from production to perform PA-recognized tasks directly for your department. However, these individuals should still be listed as production PA’s. When a PA is listed under the heading of a covered craft department, the union will look into that department to make certain that PA is not performing covered craft work.

If your department utilizes a PA, it is your responsibility as the department head to make certain that they are NOT taking work away from your brothers and sisters. If you find your department in need of someone to handle tasks associated with work that is covered by the collective bargaining agreement, you should inform production of your need for additional staffing to handle that work. PA’s found to be performing covered craft work will be grieved by the union to receive the same wages and benefits as covered craft employees, therefore they are not saving the production’s budget in any way.


Mike Akins
Business Agent