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Pride 2023: Stay for the Credits!

2023 IATSE 479 Pride Parade float The 2023 Atlanta PRIDE Festival was a terrific success for IATSE Local 479’s Pride Committee, raising more than $11,000 for Chris 180, one of the Southeast’s premiere mental health, child welfare and family service organizations. Be sure to check out the photos from this year’s “Stay for the Credits” event (click here).

IATSE at the 2023 PRIDE Festival

The Pride Festival & Parade was held on October 15th and 16th, and IATSE Local 479’s Pride Committee organized a strong showing of union support and kinship. On Sunday more than 150 people marched with IATSE Local 479 in the Atlanta PRIDE parade, including members from IATSE locals 600, 161, 798, 927, and 800.

2023 IATSE Local 479 Parade Float

The committee started planning the event months in advance, selecting the theme “STAY FOR THE CREDITS” to emphasize the multitudes of film workers behind the scenes.   2023 Theme: Stay for the Credits Members came together in the weeks before the parade to create oversized props representing the various “tools of the trade” that Atlanta-area IATSE members use at their jobs, from hammers and wrenches to tape measures and boom microphones, paint brushes to spools of thread, cameras, and more. Tools of the Trade Those props were carried by marching members and were also used to decorate the IATSE-themed float, which featured a truss system resembling the cells of a film strip, supporting signage reading “IATSE 479: UNION PROUD.” 2023 IATSE 479 Pride Parade float

Photos from Atlanta Pride 2023 Stay for the Credits

To see more photos from Atlanta PRIDE 2023 visit the Google album by clicking here. The 2023 PRIDE parade was a joyous event

IA Representation

Dignitaries in attendance for Pride 2023 Stay for the Credits included Nate Richmond, IA International PRIDE Chair, Rachel McClendon International Broadcast Representative, and Jack Curtain, IATSE 798’s Secretary-Treasurer. More than 50 members from SAG-AFTRA joined IATSE, including the National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator, Duncan Crabtree Ireland. SAG-AFTRA Duncan Crabtree-Ireland Duncan spoke a few days later at the SAG-AFTRA rally, mentioning the importance of solidarity, using the Atlanta Pride parade and Local 479 as an example.  

Local 479 PRIDE Booth

Local 479 was the only labor union with a booth in the marketplace, featuring a free photo booth. More than 300 photo strips were printed over the course of the weekend, with easily twice that number in visitors. A raffle at the event brought in more than $300 with 15 prizes to choose from, including IA hats donated by Classic Incentives, tickets to the Civil Rights Museum, and multiple sponsor donations.  

Raffle Winners

  • Pickle Box (donated by sister Hanna McGugan) won by Tesia Ruch.
  • Knitted Spider (donated by 927 sister, Heather Fitterer) won by Madison (last name not provided).
  • Pride Sunglasses (donated by our friends at Outback Bikes) won by Brian Alonso, Stella Dillard, Lauren Driskill, Kayley Nierman, Michael Kling and Kira Potter.
  • IA Baseball Caps (donated by our friends at Classic Incentives) won by Katie Hood, Ray Ward, Camden Walent, Cessier Chandler and Brian Alonso.
  • Pair of tickets to the Atlanta Civil and Human Rights Museum donated by the 479 Pride Committee won by Quanna Hall
  2023 Pride Raffle Prizes

Upcoming Local 479 PRIDE Events

While this year’s Pride 2023 Stay for the Credits event has come and gone, the 479 Pride Committee still has more to celebrate, so please be on the lookout for details about the next Pride Movie Night!