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Plan C Health Benefits Open Enrollment

Logging in to the National Benefits Fund online

At the end of each November the IATSE National Benefits Fund (NBF) sends members an Open Enrollment statement for the IATSE National Health & Welfare Fund Plan C.  Open Enrollment is an approximately three-week period in which new members may select insurance coverage and existing members may elect to change their coverage. You must select your desired coverage for the upcoming quarter or you will be automatically assigned a default selection, based on your qualifications. If you choose to respond via the paper form your documentation must be received at the NBF Lockbox by December 15th.

It is faster to select/change your coverage online, but some members have expressed confusion on the necessary steps. This article is designed to provide an overview of the procedure for signing up online and will address the needs of members who opt for the Medical Reimbursement Program.

Enrollment Guide

1. Login

Log into your account with the IATSE National Benefits Fund (www.iatsenbf.org). If this is your first time on the National Benefits Funds website you’ll need to click ‘Register’ and follow the prompts.

IATSE National Benefits Fund login page


2. Accept Terms & Conditions of Use

To use the website you must first agree to the Terms & Conditions of Use. Simply click the check box beneath the listing of terms to signify your agreement, then click the ‘Submit’ button.

Agree to Terms and Conditions of Use for the NBF website


3. My Dashboard

Once you’ve logged in and agreed to the Terms & Conditions of Use you’ll be presented with a heads-up dashboard of the relevant data for your account. Note that the coverage type for your “upcoming coverage” is shown as “Pending Selection”. To proceed to enrollment for next year scroll down.


4. My CAPP Co-Payments

As you scroll down you’ll see a section labeled “Participant Quick-Links” in the sidebar. Look for the item labeled as “My CAPP Co-Payment” and click it.

My CAPP Co-Payments


5. Select Your Coverage

This is where you will make your selection for insurance coverage. Please be sure to carefully read the material provided along with your statement to understand the difference between each plan level and . If you have insurance provided through a different source (for instance, through your spouse’s company) you may elect to participate in the Medical Reimbursement Program (MRP).

Select your enrollment coverage type and level.


6. MRP Certification

If you wish to submit MRP claims for your eligible spouse and/or dependent(s), you must sign and submit a certification affirming that your spouse and/or dependent(s) are also covered by an employer or union sponsored group health plan that meets the ACA minimum value standards. Please be aware that requirements may change from year to year, so be sure to consult all emails and print materials from the National Benefits Fund.

Before you can proceed you must click the check box and click the ‘Submit’ button.

MRP Certification


7. Attach MRP Documentation

In order to enroll Plan C Medical Reimbursement Program you must send in a front and back copy of your other employer or union sponsored group health coverage identification card. Several formats are allowed, including JPEGs and PDFs.

Attach documentation to qualify for the MRP plan.

First, select “C-MRP Cert./Proof’ from the pop-up menu.

Next, select the necessary file(s) with your ID card information and upload the files.

Upload your file(s)


Once you have uploaded the file you’ll see that its status is marked as “Pending”.

Files uploaded for Admin Review


9. Confirmation of Submittal

After your upload you’ll receive a confirmation which states:

“Please allow up to 48 hours for our admin team to review your request. Data will not be updated until the review is completed. Once complete you will receive an email letting you know to login and visit your dashboard for further updates regarding your enrollment selection.”

Confirmation of Submittal of MRP qualifications


Check Back in 2 Business Days

The review team will typically have your MRP qualifying documents reviewed within 2 business days, so be sure to log back in to see if your documents have been accepted. Follow steps 1 and 2 (above) to return to your dashboard (“My Dashboard”).

Look to see if you have a “post-it note” pinned to your dashboard. If you do, click the note.

Notification of new messages in My Dashboard


If your submission is accepted for review you’ll see this message:

“Coverage selection/payment (if applicable) has been completed. Your coverage selection of MRP will be officially posted at the close of coverage processing period.”

If your documents are approved you’ll see a message which reads:

“Your MRP Document upload request has been approved by the Fund Office administrator.”

This means that you’ve successfully completed the enrollment process for MRP.

Confirmation of Acceptance of MRP documents


If you have any questions (at all) please do not hesitate to contact Local 479’s Benefits Coordinator Lauralyn Walsh (please check the Contact page for her current contact information). Lauralyn coordinates with the staff of the National Benefits Fund on a regular basis and can provide invaluable assistance.