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Observant Medic Helps Crewperson Get Life-Saving Surgery

Last week Set Medic Teresa Hardie was approached by a crewmember complaining of localized discomfort. The symptoms were significant enough to prompt Teresa, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), to urge the crewmember to go to the hospital. While the crewmember was at first reluctant to leave set, Teresa was doggedly persistent and eventually convinced them to take her advice.

This insistence undoubtedly saved the crewperson’s life, because once at the hospital it was confirmed that the patient was in peril, and surgeons moved quickly to perform emergency surgery.

Teresa says that hearing the crewperson’s daughter say “Thank you for saving my Dad’s life” was tremendously rewarding, and it’s a great reminder of the life-saving services that our medics are prepared to render on a daily basis.

This incident provides a good opportunity to remind members about Local 479’s Heartsaver CPR-AED Course, which helps empower our crews to save fellow members’ lives through the use of tested and approved procedures. This course is offered frequently by Local 479’s Education Department, just check the Education calendar!

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Congratulations to Teresa Hardie and thanks to all of our medics for the services you provide to casts and crews!