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Member Dashboard Website Update

Title for article about Member Dashboard being under construction

In October of 2016, Local 479 unveiled a new Member Dashboard website, which was developed to increase our members’ proprietary access to production contact and crew information, contracts, and individual account information.  We spent time with our web developers to design a more user-friendly site with additional features allowing members to log their availability and make online payments.

As we all know, technology improves quickly and between October of 2016 and today, there have been improvements to the servers and applications used in our original development. Unfortunately, these upgrades have recently begun to cause glitches as they attempt to interact with outdated code, resulting in the frequent connectivity problems.  Local 479 began a relationship with a new software and web development company in April and this new company has been able to solve the issues we faced at that time concerning our internal office database.  With that aspect now under control, all attention has turned to rebuilding the Member Dashboard website.

After numerous conversations over the last 10 days, our developers have helped us conclude that troubleshooting the current software is no longer a productive solution.  A plan is being put in place to upgrade the software versions and develop new code to increase functionality and improve reliability. We have a great deal of faith in these developers and look forward to them not only solving our current connection issues but also increasing the capabilities of this site to be of even better use to our membership.

All of that said, these upgrades will take some time, and so we regret to say that the Member Dashboard will continue to be non-functional in the immediate future.  We intend to resolve all issues and be back to an even better level of functionality in just a few weeks time, but we ask for your patience while this development takes place.  Our primary goal is always to provide better and more convenient communication to our membership.  This new development will include more thorough account information, allow members to log up to 2 weeks of availability at a time, and increase the ease of making online payments.  It will also provide more content about Member Benefits, including insurance documents and information to help understand your health and retirement accounts better.

Until this site becomes active again, please call the office Availability Hotline to place yourself on the Availability list.  The number is (404) 361-5676; press 2 on your keypad to leave your name for this list.  To gain access to the other proprietary information usually found on the Member Dashboard, please send an email to office@iatse479.org requesting the information you would like, and someone in the office will be happy to assist you.  Remember that all information usually available on this website is also sent out in the Breaking News emails, so keep an eye on your email account to receive the most recent updates.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to providing the best member web experience possible!