479 NEWS

Member Dashboard is Back Up

Member Dashboard Now Online

Local 479’s Member Dashboard returned to service over the weekend following the implementation of important updates to web components of the member database.  Many thanks to our members for your patience as our team has worked to install and de-bug updates to this important member tool.  While a few of the improvements have yet to be released, we have launched the website early (with limitations) because of the looming deadline of November 30th for members to make sure they have a $0.00 balance in order to qualify for the Dues Incentive Plan.


Member Log-in

You can log into your account on the Member Dashboard (link).  If you have trouble with or cannot remember your password, please use the “Lost your password?” link beneath the login entry fields to reset your account login.  Use the same email address at which you receive emails from the Local and you should receive an email with a link to help you reset your login.

Reset password to Member Dashboard

If you still have trouble after trying this reset, please send an email to office@iatse479.org.


Check Your Account Balance

As stated earlier, the ability to view your Current Balance is of paramount importance for our users at this time of the year.  

To view your Current Balance log in and click on the ‘Account’ tab on the left side of the navigation menu (see screenshot below).

Account tab showing Joe Local's status

(More information about your account will be available later on as we continue to add functionality.)


Job Lists Tab

You can view and download Job Lists, which at this time provides access to Feature and Episodic Production Lists and Crew Lists, as well as the Rumors List.

Job Lists Tab


Agreements Tab

View and download contracts, from the most recent ASA agreement to commercials, low budget, and other agreements.

Agreements Tab




This tab now provides an expandable list of answers to frequently asked questions about the Health Plan, the Annuity Plan, the Pension Fund, and includes a breakdown for each of the plans managed by the National Benefits Fund Office as well as downloadable forms to assist in your management of your benefits.

Benefits Tab



Future Updates

The following areas are still under construction, but should be functioning again soon:

  1. Make A Payment (until this is updated please continue to mail in or call in your payments to the Local 479 office)
  2. Availability List Updater (please continue to call the Availability Hotline until this feature is completed.)
  3. Detailed Account Information (the ability to update your contact information, view your charges, assessments, etc. will return soon.)

Providing quality tools to our members is our highest priority, and we will continue to strive to make the Member Dashboard a robust and complete site that puts all relevant Local information at your fingertips!