479 NEWS

Medics: Tricks of the Trade


This 3 hour class is designed to provide members who are working as medics with a broad foundation of knowledge, tips, and techniques to enhance their job performance and ability to be hired.  Attendees will review general set etiquette as well as the specific responsibilities and behavior expected of medics, including a discussion of the unique conditions that “on production” and “off production” medics will be expected to know.

The business of the medic will be explored, from negotiating with UPMs to scheduling additional safety personnel.

Focus will be given to the variety of paperwork that medics will encounter on a normal basis, including: OSHA forms, injury reports & claims, and workers comp.

A portion of the class will be spent exploring the typical responsibilities and conventional production practices for on/off-set medics, from billing of invoices to the type of medical aid that can be legally rendered based on your license.

If you’re a medic in Local 479 we strongly recommend that you RSVP to this event and put it on your calendar today!