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Lynda.com Subscriptions Year 3

This summer marks the third year of IATSE’s partnership with Lynda.com, an online training resource featuring in-depth tutorials on a variety of subjects including craft-specific topics, leadership training, and software guides.



The International is once again offering an annual premium discounted subscription to Lynda.com to members in good standing. An annual subscription to this service may normally cost up to $359, but our members can purchase an annual subscription for only $25 –

a significant discount.


How to sign-up:

  • Call Accounts Receivable at (404) 361-5676 extension 110
  • Tell them you’re calling to sign up for Year 3 of Lynda.com
  • They will take payment over the phone.
  • You will receive a receipt via email.
  • The processing period may take up to 4 weeks.
  • You will receive further instructions from the Education Department at the International.
  • Your subscription will last until August 31, 2018.


“With courses in audio and music, CAD, design, video, 3D animation, and thousands of others, lynda.com is a valuable tool for the workers we represent to help them keep pace with technology and continue to build skills. Local Officers can hone their leadership skills using lynda.com with courses in negotiation, time management , social media, and much more. Training in our crafts and education for our leaders are foundational to keeping our union strong. When each of us strives to be the best that we can be, the whole IATSE benefits as we stand together in union.”

– International President Matthew Loeb