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First Local 479 Young Workers Committee Convenes

Photograph of Local 479's first Young Worker's Committee Board

In this photo (from left to right): Brian Carroll (YWC Secretary – Fixtures), Vincent Kelly (Set Decoration), Liam Dowling (Craft Service), Anthony Gary (Grip), Kevin Cheatham, YWC Chair (Grip), Hilary Smiley, YWC Co-Chair (Costumes), Sara Cobbeldick (Costumes), Glenn Peison (Props), Jenn Hutchins (Office Manager)

Today marked the first official meeting of Local 479’s branch of the IATSE Young Worker’s Committee. The International started this subcommittee in 2012 to provide our young union members with a greater understanding of the responsibilities of leadership and to encourage their active participation in the IATSE. From what we’ve seen so far, Georgia’s local branch of the YWC is off to a flying start and will engage members of ALL ages in many ways, from outreach programs that benefit our local communities to fun member-only activities like the upcoming YWC kickball tournament in August. We look forward to developing a strong group of men and women to lead Local 479 long into the future!