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Local 479 Welcomes Comptroller Jimmy Butts

Jimmy Butts, Comptroller, IATSE Local 479

This month Local 479 welcomes its new financial comptroller, Jimmy Butts. As our Secretary/Treasurer position begins its transition from full-time to “as needed” (in effect part-time), Jimmy will assume management of the Local’s day-to-day financial obligations, serving as its formal accountant. He will help to manage the Local’s investment accounts, oversee compliance with all federal and state entities, and perform the Local’s tax and Department of Labor filings.

“I am very pleased both with the Local’s transition from a full-time Secretary/Treasurer to a part time one with a full-time accounting professional, and with the selection of Jimmy Butts to fill that role. Jimmy has a vast knowledge of accounting, specifically within a union environment. He will be a welcome addition to the staff and fill the important dual role of internal financial administration and external reporting requirements.”

– Secretary/Treasurer Hatcher

Jimmy grew up in middle Georgia and moved to Atlanta immediately after high school. After his first year of college he took a job with a CPA firm in downtown Atlanta where he continued to work during the completion of his education after which he served a 2-year enlistment in the United States Army.

Jimmy is a graduate of Mercer University’s Atlanta campus, and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, with a minor in Marketing/Management. He is a former Senior Associate at Clack & Associates CPAs, with more than 40 years of expertise working with the special financial requirements of unions.

When Jimmy is not working, he enjoys traveling around the world. His travels have taken him to all parts of Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia/New Zealand, as well as most of the United States.

When he isn’t traveling Jimmy enjoys gardening, “lake life”, and spoiling his grandchildren.