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Local 479’s Political Action Plan

IATSE Local 479 Executive Board sees continuing job stability in 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

As a follow up to our recent correspondence dated May 16, 2019, we wish to take this opportunity to update you on our political course of action in reference to the threat of boycotting Georgia.  

The Heartbeat Bill, HB 481, will most likely be ruled unconstitutional, and it was passed with the sole intention of challenging the US Supreme Court ruling of Roe v Wade. It severely restricts women’s rights, and we simply cannot stand for this. No government should ever put themselves in a position to oppress women’s rights.

The Georgia ACLU will be leading the charge and will soon file a law suit to block this legislation. You can help right now! Engage in this fight by donating to the Georgia ACLU. It is simple and extremely effective. Your donations will directly support the legal battles ahead.

We all know that the fallout from the signing of HB 481 has varied. A few production companies have threatened to boycott the state, while others have chosen to continue to work here and have publicly come forward to support the men and women who live here. The production companies that are committed to stay and fight are our real supporters and we applaud their actions. We stand firm with these production companies and thank them for their continued support.

Throughout these last few weeks, Local 479 has been working diligently with our legal counsel, lobbyist and Executive Board to brainstorm and produce a political campaign to address the challenges our industry is facing in Georgia. That said, any action our local takes will first be vetted by our political advisors, legal counsel and ultimately approved by the membership. We intend on presenting this plan at the General Membership Meeting on Sunday, June 23rd.

This process is just getting started, and will mostly likely be long and drawn out.  We intend to work with our allies in IA Locals 161, 600, 700, 798 and 800 as well as with our sisters and brothers in Teamsters Local 728 to stay engaged and active till the end. Together we can make a difference. 

We will leave you with this quote from Georgia’s own Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about things that matter”. Your local plans to speak loudly on your behalf. 

Have a peaceful and safe holiday weekend, Brothers and Sisters.