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Local 479 Offers a Wide Variety of Training Classes

President Ray Brown instructs a class on overhead bounces

This month IATSE Local 479 observes the 4th anniversary of the launch of its education department, a program created in anticipation of an increased demand for trained crews for projects shooting within the local’s jurisdiction.

Over the past year Local 479’s education program has rolled out a number of new courses that provide students with hands-on experience with craft-essential tasks, led by veteran department heads and seconds.


Introduction to the Lighting Console Programmer

In this hands-on, interactive 2-Day class “Introduction to the Lighting Console Programer” Chris Cotone teaches students how the demands of being a lighting console programmer far exceed the simple operations of programming the lightboard.


Prop Essentials: Understanding the Prop Truck

Propmasters Dwight Benjamin-Creel and Elliott Boswell introduce students to the Prop Truck. Topics include understanding the organization of a prop truck, loading and unloading rolling stock, tailgate safety, and setting up pop-up tents. Bonus material included Intro to Working with Extras, including setting up police belts, prop IDs, and managing drink stations.


Construction 103: Raised Stages

Terry Moody, Russell Dickerson, and Fred Fonner took students to a whole new level in set construction: UP! Students learned the mechanics of building elevated sets, staircases, railings, and assembling flats on raised platforms.


Costume Essentials: Aging & Dyeing

Veteran costumer Drew Fuller introduced students to a variety of industry techniques for distressing costumes, from sandpaper to golf balls. Labs included the mixing and application of dyes, and a discussion of the best dyes for various types of fabric.


Painting Essentials: Wallpaper

Painting Essentials: Wallpaper concentrates on techniques for the seamless application of wallpaper. In this video scenic Charge Steve McKean guides students through the preparation, installation, and finish procedures for this unique form of wall-covering.


Introduction to Props

Propmaster Dwight Benjamin-Creel introduces attendees to the role of the Prop Department in film and television.


Costuming Essentials: Special Effects Wardrobe

This class focused on how special effects impacts wardrobe, from material choices to number of backups. Included in this class was a demonstration of how the special effects department coordinates with the costumes department for squib hits.


Grip Essentials: Understanding Overheads

In this hands-on class Key Grip Ray Brown and his second, Wes Bailey, taught attendees how to assemble, anchor, set and adjust bounces and overheads – including dressing lines and an emphasis on safety procedures.


Construction 102.2 Finish Trim

Local 479’s Education Department recently introduced Construction 102.2 Finish Trim, available to members who have previously completed C101 and C102. In this class members work with mitre and compound mitre “chop” saws and learn how to trim out the set built in the C102 course.


Committed to the Future

These classes represent a long-term commitment that Local 479 has made to its membership and to the future of workforce education related to the film and television industry in Georgia. Our instructors are multi-decade veterans, dedicated to passing along knowledge of their respective crafts to future generations of film crews. Our expanded state-of-the-art education facility is constantly in use, and our relationship with our vendor/partners continues to grow.