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Local 479 Expects Continuing Job Stability

IATSE Local 479 Executive Board sees continuing job stability in 2019

We are all aware of the continued media coverage focusing on Georgia and the Georgia film industry.  Georgia is the 3rd largest production hub in the country, and recent events have sparked media discussions asking if Georgia will maintain that position.  We understand that this conversation is disturbing to our members, whose careers depend on job stability.

As always, the Local’s primary mission is to protect our jobs and grow our opportunities.  Please do not mistake this focus on business as a lack of concern for personal rights.

All signs continue to indicate that Georgia’s film industry is unlikely to experience an industry-wide pullout.

Many productions have publicly stated their intent to remain in Georgia to produce their projects.  These studios understand that taking jobs away from our state does not accomplish the change they are seeking, and they have no desire to negatively affect the livelihoods of those they employ.  We are all in agreement that Georgia is still an attractive place for them to bring their projects. 

We currently have over 30 projects in town in either the prep or production phase.  This volume of production is right on track with years past and we see no reason to expect any slowdown as the year progresses.

Local 479 remains engaged on a political level with the state and monitors any situation that may impact our industry.  We hire experts to advise us on these political issues, and we continue to place our focus on job stability in Georgia. If we see any legitimate and verifiable risks to our industry, we will use all of our influence to address those risks.  Make no mistake, the industry understands that pulling out of GA, causing job loss, will not change anyone’s mind or anyone’s beliefs.  It would only hurt us all, regardless of which side of this sensitive issue we fall on.