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Kickball Tournament Delivers Big Win for Atlanta’s Youth

Get Scene Studios win the 2017 Kickball Tournament

The Young Worker’s Committee of IATSE Local 479 held their 3rd Annual Atlanta Film Community Charity Kickball Tournament at Central Park, Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, September 24, 2017. This year’s charity was Atlanta’s own Castleberry Hill Athletic Club (www.castleberryhillac.com), a non-profit organization dedicated to converting vacant lots in Atlanta into community recreational fields for inner city youth leagues and community activities and events.

We are proud to announce that through our extraordinary sponsors, participants and various donors, we were able to raise up to $25,000, which all went directly towards the efforts of CHAC’s mission.

$25,000 raised for Castleberry Hill Athletic Club

We witnessed the 2016 Champions, Team MacGyver, come close in making it to the playoff round only to fall short and see 2016’s runner-up, Team Get Scene Studios, return to the finale against Team Godzilla II, and end up taking home the title and glory as the 2017 Kickball Champions.

Congratulations Team Get Scene Studios!




In our combined efforts from these past three years we have managed to raise up to $70,000 for LOCAL charities along with showcasing the good Samaritan efforts of Atlanta’s film industry and bringing together year in and year out, the Atlanta community as a whole building and strengthening our relationship with our beloved city of Atlanta.


2017 Kickball Opening Ceremonies


The IATSE 479 Young Workers Committee would like to extend a heart-filled sincere THANK YOU to all of our wonderful sponsors, our terrific and competitive participants and to Atlanta Sports and Social Club for their professional and dedicated efforts in helping us put together our kickball tournament.


Kevin Cheatham
IATSE Local 479
YWC Chairman