479 NEWS

How to Login to Channel 479

In yesterday’s General Membership meeting the local debuted a new members-only video portal called “Channel 479”.  This new service is part of a long-term strategy for expanding Local 479’s education program for all covered crafts, ensuring that new generations of technicians are taught best practices by leaders from their departments.  In addition to training and educational videos, Channel 479 will provide news from the President, the Business Agent, and other organizations inside the union.


Instructions for Member Login

Each member has a unique User ID to access Channel 479.  In order to discover your personal User ID, you will need to first log into your Member Dashboard at www.iaentertainment-locals.org/479 .  Alternately, you may reach the user portal by going to the public Local 479 website at www.iatse479.org  and then clicking the button marked “Member Login” in the top right corner.

Once you do this you’ll be greeted by a login screen to the Member Dashboard.

If you have never logged into the Member Dashboard before there are instructions on logging in and/or resetting your password.  Once you have logged in you should click on the button marked “My Account” near the upper right corner.

Look for an item labeled “Local Username” in the Member Details section.

The letters at the front of this string is your User ID and the numbers at the end of the string are your uniquely personal password.

Open up a new tab and go to channel479.iatse479.tv and enter your username and password.

If you would like to help develop content for your craft please contact Director of Education, Kevin Amick.

The contents of this portal are proprietary and may not be redistributed. If you have any issues logging in please contact the office and ask to speak with Director of IT, Ken Riggins.