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How to Guarantee an Email Response from the Local

The staff of Local 479 strives every day to answer the calls and emails of our members, members of our sister locals, producers, and more. Please be aware that some of the local’s most frequently used email addresses are designed to transmit information to members, not to receive responses. This post should address any questions you have regarding the best way to communicate with the local via email.

Non-Monitored Email Addresses

[email protected]

This email address transmits mass mailings to members.

Information sent from this account includes:

  • Breaking News
    • New Productions
    • Weather Advisories & Emergency Information
    • Specific Job Calls
    • Meeting Notices
    • Etc
  • Monthly Past Due Statements
  • Quarterly Dues Statements

Replies to emails received from this address may be delayed in delivery to the appropriate department. If you feel the need to respond to a breaking news email, look to see who signed the message and reply directly to that person (use the Contact Page). If the communication is simply signed “Local 479” please compose your email to Office Manager Jennifer Hutchins ([email protected]).

[email protected]

This email address transmits direct mailings to individual members.

Information sent from this account may include:

  • Invoices
  • Notices of Bad Standing

You should not reply to emails sent from this account. If you have questions about an email received from this account please email Brittany Martin-Bryant at [email protected]

Monitored Email Addresses

[email protected]

This email address transmits both direct and mass mailings to members.

Information sent from this account includes:

  • Announcements of upcoming classes and workshops
  • Attendance Confirmations

This email address is used to transmit information about classes to members. This email account serves as a two-way communication between the department and members, and you may reply to this account directly with the expectation of a timely response.

Common Email Requests (and where to send them)

[For members of Local 479]

Each staff member has their own dedicated email account and a full list of contacts is available on the Contact Us page of the local’s website.

Questions with a Show

Billy Deacon (Field Rep) – [email protected]

Send a Request for Crew

If you need to request a mass email asking to fill a position, email the Field Rep associated with your show:

Billy Deacon (Field Rep) – [email protected]

Billing Questions

If you have a question about a charge or an invoice you’ve received, email Frank Hatcher at [email protected]

Request for Mortgage Employment Verification

If you have a question about obtaining mortgage employment verification.

Frank Hatcher (General Secretary-Treasurer) – [email protected]

Medical or Financial Benefit Questions

If you have questions regarding your medical or financial benefits.

Lauralyn Walsh (Benefits Coordinator) – [email protected]

Request to Join or Transfer In/Out of the Local

First visit our website and read about becoming a member (link).

If you still have questions contact:

Jennifer Hutchins (Office Manager) –  [email protected].

Contact Us!

The Local endeavors to respond promptly to all communications and hopes that the information provided in this post assists you in finding the answers you seek. We highly recommend that you do not respond to non-monitored email addresses.