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Growth Equals Strength

The 2nd Quarter issue of The Bulletin was released this afternoon, and is devoted to the theme “Growth = Strength”, as set forward by President Matthew D. Loeb in his latest newsletter, on page 5.  This quarter’s issue is a lead-in to the 68th Quadrennial Convention and of particular interest to members of Local 479 is the article “Growth Equals Strength”, which recounts the standardization of contracts at a national level and the effect that process has had on locals throughout the southeast, including Local 479 and its market.

“Once the International became the bargaining agent,” Akins continues, “producers all had to operate under the same agreement, and couldn’t build a wedge between us. They could not go from Georgia to North Carolina to Louisiana looking for a cheaper contract, or a way to avoid paying benefits and degrade working conditions. It unified this region and helped create the strong union workforce the Southeast has today.”


You may access this quarter’s issue of The Bulletin at the following link:

The Bulletin (No. 656) Second Quarter, 2017 (6MB PDF)