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Getting Your Vacation Check


The time has come again for the local to mail out Vacation Fund checks to those members who paid more than $1000 in 3% work dues in the previous year.

The qualifications for receiving a Vacation Fund check:

  1. pay in more $1000 in 3% work dues between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year
  2. be in good standing as of last day of the previous year

Read this article to learn more about this refund, unique to Local 479.

Vacation checks are printed and mailed from a company called Neverland Film Services, and any checks that have been sent to incorrect addresses will be returned to this company, so you will not be able to pick them up from the Local 479 office.

It’s important to know that the office provides Neverland with the addresses to mail your check to based on your information in the member database, so now is the time to visit the Member Dashboard website and log into your account to verify your information!

To get started, visit https://www.iaentertainment-locals.org/479  (or click the Member Login button at the top of the page) and log in to your account to verify that your mailing address is correct. Remember that your username is the email address that you receive emails from the office. If you are unable to recall your password read this article on our website to learn the steps in resetting your login credentials.

Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the “My Account” button in the upper right corner of the page then, under Member Info, check your address and make any necessary corrections then be sure to click SAVE when you have completed your edits. Be sure to update your entire profile, from phone numbers to emergency contact information.

The office will be sending the final member address list to Neverland Film Services on Monday, March 6th, so please make sure that you make all the necessary changes to your address information in your member dashboard BEFORE that date in order to be certain that you receive your check in a timely manner.