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Online Safety Training Now Available

Director of Education Kevin Amick wants to remind members that they are eligible to take the first two modules offered under the Safety Pass system:

A and A2 Safety Pass courses are now online and ready for your application. This training is provided to you at no charge and upon completion you will receive a Safety Pass Card for these courses. Just follow the directions and submit your application today.
– Kevin Amick

Sign up today at www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/asa

Course Descriptions


This course explains safety orientation, employee/employer rights and responsibilities, hazard communications, use of personal protection equipment, proper lifting techniques, emergency action procedures, and general production safety procedures. The course takes an average of one hour to complete. You do not have to complete the class all at once.


This course covers a wide range of subjects, including studio lot & location safety, heat illness, severe weather, disaster/emergency response, environmental awareness, transportation of dangerous goods, electrical safety, and workplace cleanliness. The course takes an average of three hours to complete. You do not have to complete the class all at once.


The Safety Pass Program was conceived by the Motion Picture and Television Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee as a means of addressing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (“OSHA”) requirements that employees be trained (and the training documented) in the safe use of equipment and work practices on their job. Because of the freelance nature of many motion picture and television assignments, the Safety Pass Program provides valuable assistance in meeting the training needs of the Industry by providing industry-wide general safety training, thus allowing the Producers to concentrate on site-specific training for the work at hand.

In 2015, as part of the collective bargaining for the Area Standards Agreement, producers agreed to contribute to the IATSE Training Trust Fund for safety training.

As a result of that agreement, the IATSE Training Trust Fund, in partnership with Contract Services, is pleased to provide free enrollment in certain Safety Pass training courses for motion picture and television workers in the geographic areas covered by the Producer-IATSE Area Standards Agreement (ASA)

Quick Facts

  • this program is administered by the IATSE Training Trust Fund and conducted by Contract Services
  •  producers currently fund this program by paying 10¢ per hour, per employee, for a 12 hour day (this is $1.20 per crewperson per day) – on July 31st this rate will change to 15¢/hour
  •  online training is free

Questions & Answers with Kevin Amick

Are these classes required?

No, these classes are not currently required by the local, the International, or producers. However, that could always change. If you have the time in your schedule, I would strongly encourage you to take this training because it will only make you safer at your job.

How do I sign up?

You can do this all online, from the comfort of your couch. There’s a section on the IATSE Training Trust website dedicated to this program (http://www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/asa/) – I think that the sign-up is straightforward, but if anyone has questions I can help them.

Get links to application forms on Education Page

How much will it cost me?

It’s FREE. Producers have paid to provide this training to you.

Where do I go to take this class?

Since it’s an online class you can take it from anywhere. If your computer isn’t working you can come into the office to use one of the open computers in our Member Media Center.