479 NEWS

February Blood Drive Has Good Turnout

The American Red Cross Bloodmobile at Local 479's offices

This past Sunday the American Red Cross sent a mobile blood donation team to Local 479’s General Membership Meeting. The blood drive, organized by the IATSE Local 479 Women’s Committee, collected nearly 30 pints! That blood will go directly toward saving the lives of patients around the Atlanta area.

Member Kevin Cheatham in a recumbent position in a couch, having his blood drawn by a technician with the America Red Cross

The Women’s Committee wishes to all who took time to donate!

Member Tasha Wdowin was eager to participate in the American Red Cross blood drive

Set Medic Tasha Wdowin was pleased to see so many members making the effort to donate.

Member Kat Tonkin pushed her sleeve up and gave at the blood drive

Sergeant at Arms Kat Tonkin was happy to make a difference in someone’s life!