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Covid Act Now Website

We would like to make you aware of CovidActNow.org, a data source used by the bargaining committee to successfully formulate and inform the Return to Work COVID protocols and how they are applied.

Thanks to these protocols the infection rate on motion picture and television productions have varied between 1/10th and 1/40th of the community infection rates in the jurisdictions in which we work.

CovidActNow.org provides data compiled from state and local governments and health departments around the United States. The interactive tools on this website provide insight on the spread and severity of Covid-19, down to the County level, and has been updated regularly since its launch in March of 2020.


CovidActNow.org (outside link opens in new window)


  • vulnerability/risk level
  • daily new cases
  • positive test rate
  • % of people vaccinated
  • # of Covid cases
  • # of hospitalizations
  • # of deaths

CovidActNow.org is updated as new information is collected