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Cine Gear Expo Coming to Atlanta

Cine Gear Expo Atlanta is coming!


Cine Gear Expo Atlanta

Cine Gear Expo Atlanta 2018 is the premier event for professionals engaged in the technology, entertainment and media industry. A two day show will be held in Atlanta this October 6th and 7th and is open to professionals working in the entertainment industry.   The Cine Gear Expo is an international event – professionals from around the world will meet with industry experts to explore and demonstrate emerging technology. Pinewood Studios will play host to this event.

Camera Car Demonstrations


Atlanta as Emerging Market

The announcement that Cine Gear Expo would be coming to Atlanta was a significant in that it had never happened before. Industry events Cine Gear generally remain constrained to cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. The Atlanta event is another sign that the industry is shifting its view of Georgia from emerging market to established market, and that there is growing perception that our state is committed to its role as a serious, long term contender in the entertainment industry.



An extensive list of exhibitors for Cine Gear Expo Atlanta are available on the Cine Gear website at this link: cinegearexpo.com/ga-expo-exhibitor-list


Attendance Free to Members of IATSE Local 479

Cine Gear Expo will be free to members of professional associations, unions and guilds in production, post-production and entertainment media fields. Members of IATSE Local 479 have been sent instructions for registering for admission – members check your email inbox!


About Cine Gear Expo

From CineGearExpo.com

Since 1996, Cine Gear Expo has grown to become the premier event for the technology, entertainment and media industry.

Created by industry insiders, Cine Gear Expo focuses on the needs of the community and draws the most dedicated specialists from all major department including Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Post Production, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Government and Military, Sports, Live Events, the Academic World and more.

Unique in concept, Cine Gear Expo offers artists and technicians the opportunity to discover state-of-the-art technology and techniques including content capture hardware, workflow software, support equipment and the latest production services. Invitees get hands-on training, gain knowledge and skills from world technology leaders and network with peers all within a professional and comfortable studio environment.