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Charity Kickball Raffle Baskets

You don’t have to be an athlete to help support our charity at the 2018 Annual Charity Kickball Tournament (link to details)! Just buy some raffle tickets for the awesome gift baskets that the Young Workers Committee have assembled from gifts provided by our sponsors!

Each gift basket is filled with a variety of cool swag and may include signed posters, original artwork, tools, spa treatments, apparel, leather goods, sports memorabilia, film equipment, jewelry, and gift cards for goods and services like craft beer, restaurants, yoga classes, gym memberships and so much more!


For $5 you receive 1 ticket, $10 will get you 3 tickets, and $20 buys you 7 tickets.


Simply deposit your ticket(s) in the container next to the prize basket(s) you’d like to win and wait to find out if your ticket is pulled!


Cat Baskets

For this year’s raffle the baskets have been named after cats that are currently available for adoption! Meet the inspirations for the baskets below!

Meet staff and volunteer favorite Aristotle! Aristotle came into our care as older guy, whose owners could no longer care for him. He’s about as gentle and friendly as they come. And his favorite spot is cuddling in your lap and gently purring while you pet his head. Aristotle would be perfect for pretty much any home, as long as that home is filled with love! For more information please contact [email protected]

Birdie is a calm and docile adult kitty who loves to spend her days napping on the couch and finding warm spots sunbathe in. She is a sweet girl who just needs a little time to warm up to new people. Birdie is FIV+ however FIV+ cats can live very long happy lives! To learn more about Birdie contact [email protected]

This adorable black and white tuxedo kitten has such a playful spirit! Having one eye doesn’t stop him from being a lively, adventurous kitten. Goober is having a hard time finding a home because he is FelV+. While this is not contagious to humans or other pets, it can be spread to other cats with direct contact. Goober would love another FelV+ buddy to live with, but would be equally happy to spend the rest of his life in
happy home! To learn more about Goober, contact [email protected]

Jody is endlessly affectionate, always in a good mood, and loves everyone. He’s great with other cats, a joy to be around, very chill and up for anything! So why is he still looking for a forever home? Jody was declawed by a previous owner and now avoids using the litter box (he prefers a soft towel). Due to this issue he’s one of Fulton’s longest residents. He just needs someone who can set him up for success and find the perfect litter! To learn more about Jody contact us at [email protected]

Julia is wonderful mellow girl around 8 years old. She was rescued from a hoarding situation and we’d love to find her a home with the love and attention she deserves! She relaxes quietly in the background at the shelter while the more boisterous kitties get noticed. She loves chin scratches, has no problem with other cats, and will even enjoy belly rubs! Julia is a rare gem looking for a place she can finally call home for
good! For more information on Julia please contact [email protected] today!

Loeleeta is very sweet and one of our longest residents through no fault of her own. She came in with a severe ulcer on her lip but she is well on her way to full recovery. Could you use a sweet, squishy, wet nose prodding your chin for more pets? Look no further! Loeleeta loves coming out when it’s a little more quiet in the room and finding a gentle lap to snuggle on. Contact [email protected] today for more information on Loeleeta.

MeeMaw is one of our beautiful senior ladies. She’s good at giving a grumpy face, but that’s just part of her charm not her true disposition! She came to us in a trap and must have lived an outside life previously. She had to have most of her teeth removed but she has recovered well from that. She is a bit spoiled now in her foster mom’s house and has learned that being a picky eater gets her special food. She loves to find warm snuggly nap spots and make biscuits until she falls asleep! To learn more about Meemaw contact [email protected]

Oedipus Rex & Othello

Looking for a miracle adopter for these two senior brothers. Shelter life can be hard on any cat, but for shy seniors like Oedipus Rex & Othello, its extra hard. Little by little these boys have started to open up and enjoy treats and even play with toys! They would be heartbroken to be separated. Do you have room in your home and heart to be the happy ending to these boys story? Contact [email protected] for more information on fostering or adopting!

Our scared, shy but sweet boy Pictor is ready for someone to take a chance on him again. We’ve been working through his fear. The blankets came down, the treats came out, and we learned that hissy boy is just begging to be loved. The best home for him will be a quiet one, probably without dogs and maybe another friendly cat that will not stress him. And a new mom/dad that will give him time and a room to relax in and learn the world is not a big scary place. Please come meet Pictor at our Ponce location or contact [email protected]

Meet Sophia! This sweet fluffball wasn’t doing well in the shelter after her owner passed away. She was quite depressed and declining. Luckily for her, a foster family stepped in to help! She blossomed being back in a home environment and now this stunning girl is ready for the next phase – her forever home! For more information or to meet Sophia please contact [email protected] today!


Top Notch
This young boy is the bees knees! He loves snuggles and loves playing with other kitties,
especially little kittens! He is a very handsome orange and white boy whose just waiting for you to come scoop him up and spend the next couple decades with him! Are you the one? Come visit Top Notch at our Avondale Estates location or contact [email protected] for more information.


This special needs kitty has so much love to give! Truffle has been at DCAS for months, and her special needs require that she gets into a home ASAP. As an Felv+ kitty, her health is more fragile than a non-felv cat, and being in a very full shelter is not ideal for her. While it’s true that her Felv+ status usually means a shorter lifespan, it doesn’t mean that the years she does have cannot be happy and healthy and full of love just like any other kitty! Please consider giving Truffle a place to feel safe and be loved! Contact [email protected] today!

Princess Willow
Willow is about as gorgeous as they come! This independent kitty would thrive in a home of her own with someone to appreciate her beauty and her quirky, sassy personality! If you are interested in fostering or adopting this lovely girl, contact [email protected] for more information!