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Pride 2023: Stay for the Credits!

2023 IATSE 479 Pride Parade float

The 2023 Atlanta PRIDE Festival was a terrific success for IATSE Local 479’s Pride Committee, raising more than $11,000 for Chris 180, one of the Southeast’s premiere mental health, child welfare and family service organizations. Be sure to check out the photos from this year’s “Stay for the Credits” event (click here).


Respect for Marriage Act to be Signed Into Law

IATSE Pride Flag - respect for marriage act

Yesterday the House of Representatives approved legislation that provides federal protections for same-sex and interracial marriages, sending the The Respect for Marriage Act to be signed into law by President Biden. This legislation saw bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate (where it was first passed), marking a shift in Americans’ attitudes toward gay marriage and ensuring that same-sex marriages will not be affected by future interpretations by the Supreme Court.

The International’s Pride Committee released a statement yesterday, saying “This bipartisan legislation ensures that loving couples, no matter their race or gender makeup, will continue to have the right to marry.” – Click here to read the full article about the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act on IATSE’s website.


IATSE Pride Float Benefits Charity

Still frame from television broadcast of the 2019 Atlanta Pride parade, featuring the IATSE Local 479 Pride banner and marchers from IATSE locals marching along the parade route, surrounded by cheering onlookers standing behind metal barriers.
IATSE Local 479 was represented on-air during a live broadcast by PeachtreeTV.

This past October marked IATSE’s first entry in the 49th Atlanta Pride Parade. Local 479 member Nate Dahlkemper spearheaded the effort, coordinating with members from Local 479 along with several other Atlanta-based IATSE locals over the course of a month to create a float commemorating classic “Old Hollywood”, complete with red carpet and a winding staircase.