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2018 IATSE Family Day at Six Flags a Great Success

Six Flags Family Day 2018

In September the membership of IATSE Local 479 returned to Atlanta’s roller coaster playground for our second IATSE Family Day at Six Flags.  The park opened an hour and a half before normal opening time to provide our member and their families with exclusive access to the park’s many amusement (more…)

How to Guarantee an Email Response from the Local

The staff of Local 479 strives every day to answer the calls and emails of our members, members of our sister locals, producers, and more. Please be aware that some of the local’s most frequently used email addresses are designed to transmit information to members, not to receive responses. This post should address any questions you have regarding the best way to communicate with the local via email. (more…)

The 2016 Local 479 Elections

Ballots will be mailed out today, Friday, October 21st, for an election to fill three positions in our local. The candidates for this year are listed below, alphabetically by office then last name. Incumbents are denoted out to the side with the (more…)

Vacation Check Update


Despite our best efforts to inform our membership of the details of Local 479’s Vacation Check program there are still a few members who have missed our announcements at meetings, email alerts and social media shares. The program is very simple: you will be receiving a vacation check IF you were in good standing at the end of the year AND if you contributed more than (more…)

Late Fee Policy (Update)


Today Local 479 announced that we will be streamlining our Late Fee policy with a clean slate program. To learn more about how these changes may affect you be sure to consult today’s Breaking News email. If you have questions about these changes or about your account in general please contact our office during regular business hours. Be sure to add the email address billing@iatse479.org to your contacts list to ensure that you receive your bills on time.

Vacation Checks Are On The Way!


At the October 2015 general membership meeting our local voted in favor of the Vacation Fund Incentive and as a result, vacation checks have been calculated and are already on their way to qualifying members. To understand the details of how to qualify for this member incentive check your member email.

Thank You, Georgia!

The working men and women of Local 479 would like to say “Thank You!” to Georgia’s state legislature and Governor Nathan Deal for their leadership in making Georgia a top destination for the motion picture and television industry.

The 2015 Holiday Party

The 2015 Holiday Party

The 2015 Holiday Party took place on Saturday, December the 12th at Local 479’s new headquarters building. An enormous 50’ by 150’ tent was set up to accommodate the more than 1,000 members who elected to participate in a day of fun and fellowship. Santa took time from his final production schedule to fly into Atlanta to visit with (more…)

2016 Membership Dues are Free


Per the membership’s vote at the meeting on October, 25th, Local 479 will be rewarding the Quarterly Dues Incentive Plan for 2016 to members who (more…)

Top 6 Ways To Keep From Being Expelled

Local 479 Secretary/Treasurer Frank Hatcher provides six sure-fire ways to remain in good standing and not find yourself owing back-assessments.

  1. Log into your account at iaentertainment-locals.org. On the main page you will see if you have a balance due and if your account is in good standing. Click the tab labeled “Charges” to review types and amount of charges to your account and to determine if you have a balance due.
  2. Make sure you open all emails from Local 479. If you have a charge or a balance due, notification will arrive by email.
  3. Pay all quarterly dues for the year as soon as you receive your annual statement. There is a $4.00 discount if you pay for the entire year and before the deadline.
  4. If a dues incentive has been voted by the membership for the year, be doubly sure your account is current as of the end of November.
  5. Check every paystub to ensure that a 3% work dues assessment has been taken out. Do the math: find the amount of gross pay for the period and multiply that number by .03, the result is the amount due to Local 479 for that pay period. If the amount does not match or is missing entirely, inform the payroll accountant as soon as you can. Imagine the pain of learning that you owe several hundred dollars in assessments to the Local following an audit, long after a show has wrapped and you’ve spent the money.
  6. If you have a question regarding your status or any other financial question, do not hesitate to give me or anyone else in office a call. Frank Hatcher (404) 361-5676, Ext.. 109.