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Frank Hatcher Retires as General Secretary-Treasurer

In the June 2021 General Membership meeting Brother Frank Hatcher announced his official resignation from Local 479 as General Secretary-Treasurer.

As a former officer in the banking industry, Frank was an advocate for the implementation of financial best practices in our local and help set a vision for our future.

In recognition of Brother Hatcher’s more than 6 years of service to our local President Ray Brown awarded him with a plaque.

In an email to the membership President Brown noted the instrumental role Frank played in managing the growth of this local during his tenure, as membership grew from several hundred to more than 5,500.

“His guidance and leadership will be greatly missed and the Executive Board extends our sincere thanks to both Brother Hatcher and his family.” – Ray Brown


A Brief History of Labor Day in America

Labor Day Parade, Union Square, New York, 1882 (Lithographie)

Most Americans don’t know the history behind the end of summer holiday known as Labor Day. In May of 1882 a number of New York labor unions joined together to sponsor a “monster labor festival” featuring a parade, bands, speeches, picnics and fireworks. Twelve years later 23 states had enacted legislation to create their own official (more…)

The Text of Our 1986 Charter


To whom it may concern: Whereas, A petition has been received from

John F. Ryan, Robert J. Segars, Robert E. Amis, Tommy “Chico” Atcheson, David Gossett, Steven Hallam, Raymond Hughes, Vernon L. Hyde, Patrick Noon, Cary L. Oldknow, Gary R. Oldknow, Timothy L. Rollins, Robert M. Shelley, Sr., Robert M. Slavinski, James D. Spradlin, Roger M. Teeter, B. Michael Clayton, John Falone, David M. Holt, Jr., Robert Kempf, Marty Mewbron, A. L. Tony Kupersmith, Keith Sherer, D. Lynn Wolverton, Thomas Barkstedt, Michael Mewbron

praying that a charter be granted for the formation of a branch of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada, to be located in (more…)

Celebrating the Anniversary of 479’s Charter


1986 was a momentous year for our nation, filled with highs and lows. The Cosby Show was the number one program in NBC’s “Must See TV” lineup, President Ronald Reagan had entered his 6th year in office, the centennial of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty was celebrated in New York Harbor, and the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger perished in a terrible explosion shortly after launch, reminding the nation of the costs of exploration.

Set amidst these events was the slow but steady growth of Georgia’s motion picture and television industry, spurred on by President Carter’s establishment of a film office the previous decade.

While our early membership ranks were minuscule in comparison to (more…)