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Frank Hatcher Retires as General Secretary-Treasurer

In the June 2021 General Membership meeting Brother Frank Hatcher announced his official resignation from Local 479 as General Secretary-Treasurer.

As a former officer in the banking industry, Frank was an advocate for the implementation of financial best practices in our local and help set a vision for our future.

In recognition of Brother Hatcher’s more than 6 years of service to our local President Ray Brown awarded him with a plaque.

In an email to the membership President Brown noted the instrumental role Frank played in managing the growth of this local during his tenure, as membership grew from several hundred to more than 5,500.

“His guidance and leadership will be greatly missed and the Executive Board extends our sincere thanks to both Brother Hatcher and his family.” – Ray Brown


Local 479’s Political Action Plan

IATSE Local 479 Executive Board sees continuing job stability in 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

As a follow up to our recent correspondence dated May 16, 2019, we wish to take this opportunity to update you on our political course of action in reference to the threat of boycotting Georgia.  

The Heartbeat Bill, HB 481, will most likely be ruled unconstitutional, and it was passed with the sole intention of challenging the US Supreme Court ruling of Roe v Wade. It severely restricts women’s rights, and we simply cannot stand for this. No government should ever put themselves in a position to oppress women’s rights.

The Georgia ACLU will be leading the charge and will soon file a law suit to block this legislation. You can help right now! Engage in this fight by donating to the Georgia ACLU. It is simple and extremely effective. Your donations will directly support the legal battles ahead.


Local 479 Expects Continuing Job Stability

IATSE Local 479 Executive Board sees continuing job stability in 2019

We are all aware of the continued media coverage focusing on Georgia and the Georgia film industry.  Georgia is the 3rd largest production hub in the country, and recent events have sparked media discussions asking if Georgia will maintain that position.  We understand that this conversation is disturbing to our members, whose careers depend on job stability.