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Reviewing 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018

From the Desk of Michael Akins, Business Agent

I am happy to report that 2017 has been a banner year in the Local 479 jurisdiction! The number of projects produced in both Georgia and Alabama has increased 15% from 2016 to 2017, and all of the stars seem aligned for an equal or greater increase as we move into 2018.

Atlanta, in particular, is home to over 60 purpose-built stages spread throughout the metro area among 8 studio lots, with another studio still under construction boasting an additional 9 stages. This growth is expected to bring new production to our jurisdiction, providing even more work opportunities as production companies increase their desire to hire locally.

I am proud to report that at any given time throughout 2017, an average of 80-90% of our Local 479 members were found to be working. This number is based on a couple of factors: our Availability List was continually being requested by productions and seemed inefficient in providing the amount of labor requested, and I received more requests than ever before from people living outside the jurisdiction asking permission to work in town, as productions needed the extra (more…)

Thank You President Loeb

Thank You President Loeb!

Your leadership has inspired the members of Local 479 to achieve excellence over the past decade and since the last convention we have been actively implementing the 4 Pillars of Success. (more…)

Honoring Your Non-Disclosure Agreements

It’s important to remind our members that sharing photos and videos from set can be a career-ending decision.

While it has never been easier to share photos and videos with your friends and family, it’s important to remember that there are legal boundaries involved for those who work in the motion picture industry.  When you sign start paperwork for a film or television production you will almost always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is a legal agreement between you and the (more…)

Production Assistants Listed in Covered Crafts

Dear Department Heads:

This is a reminder that the IA does not recognize PA’s in covered-craft departments. The recognized tasks of a PA include making copies, handling lunch orders, making coffee, answering phones, etc. All of these tasks fall under the production department’s responsibilities. When a PA is listed under a covered-craft department, the union presumes them to be (more…)

Reviewing 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017


2016 was a milestone year for Local 479, with another increase in the number of in-state productions from the previous year. We grew larger, both in membership and geographically, with the IA awarding Local 479 jurisdiction over the majority of the state of Alabama. By March, qualifying members were benefiting from the Vacation Fund checks, one of three programs designed to give back to our members.

On October 1st our local turned 30, and we observed that anniversary at a special end-of-year celebration on December 10th. The turnout was terrific, and the (more…)

Business Agent’s Report Fall 2016


In this issue I’d like to share details of Local 479’s role with two different government-sponsored jobs programs and the strategy that led to our participation with each of them. Let’s first understand each program’s history and mission:

Georgia Film Academy (GFA)

In January of 2015, Governor Nathan Deal announced the establishment of the Georgia Film Academy to provide courses designed specifically to support the workforce needs of the film and digital entertainment industries.  The GFA is a collaborative effort between the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia.  The Board of Regents oversees the GFA in addition to its traditional role of administering all public colleges and universities comprising the University System of Georgia, as well as the Georgia Archives and the Georgia Public Library System.

Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA)

Created through the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, AWDA has assisted thousands of Atlanta residents in securing gainful employment and self-sufficiency. In October of 2015 Mayor Kasim Reed launched the City of Atlanta Entertainment Training Program, the first job-training program in the United States focused on helping the film industry build a talent pool of trained below-the-line workers with (more…)

Local 479 Awarded Jurisdiction for Majority of Alabama

2016 479 expanded territory

At our most recent General Membership Meeting, we were pleased to announce to our membership that Local 479 has been awarded the geographical jurisdiction of the state of Alabama (minus Mobile and its vicinity) by the IA. Local 479 will represent the the craft jurisdiction of Studio Mechanics in this area, while (more…)