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Georgia AFL-CIO Candidate List for 2022 Mid-Terms

IATSE Local 479’s Labor Delegate to the AFL-CIO, Paige Jarvis, reports that the Georgia AFL-CIO has released a list of pro-worker candidates they are endorsing for the 2022 Mid-term elections. Additionally, the Georgia AFL-CIO is offering opportunities to volunteer for canvassing and working virtual phone banks. Please see the attached PDFs for more information.

Download: Georgia AFL-CIO Labor 2022 Endorsed Candidates (PDF)

Download: Georgia AFL-CIO Volunteer Opportunities (PDF)


Make a Plan to Vote!

Use the IATSE Voter Toolkit to find all the information you need to cast your ballot on (or before) Election Day. The toolkit includes links to find important election dates and deadlines, check your voter registration status, register to vote, learn absentee ballot/vote-by-mail rules, track your ballot, find your polling place, and more. Voters who make a plan and determine when and how they’re going to vote, have a significantly higher likelihood of doing so. Make a plan to vote and ensure your voice is heard!




AFL-CIO Organizing Institute Training March 2017 Session


The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute (the “OI”) is excited to present a 3-day training program designed to help organizers with field experience take on greater responsibility for planning, leading—and winning—successful organizing campaigns. Organizing Institute training gives an intensive look at the work of a union organizer. Participants learn one-on-one communication skills, as well as campaign and strategic planning skills.  More than 50 participants from different crafts and industries will travel to Atlanta from various parts of the United States and Canada to meet in Local 479’s meeting hall Friday through Sunday. This event is not confined to the film industry; attendees include the IBEW, the building trades, and both public and private (more…)