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College Degree for No Out-of-Pocket Cost


UnionPlus and Eastern Gateway offer college opportunity

Eastern Gateway Community College is offering members of IATSE Local 479 the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree with NO out-of-pocket costs. This degree program has been brought to Local 479 by UnionPlus, an affiliate of the AFLCIO, and applies to both members and their families. An Associate Degree can lead to immediate employment opportunities (more…)

AFL-CIO Organizing Institute Training March 2017 Session


The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute (the “OI”) is excited to present a 3-day training program designed to help organizers with field experience take on greater responsibility for planning, leading—and winning—successful organizing campaigns. Organizing Institute training gives an intensive look at the work of a union organizer. Participants learn one-on-one communication skills, as well as campaign and strategic planning skills.  More than 50 participants from different crafts and industries will travel to Atlanta from various parts of the United States and Canada to meet in Local 479’s meeting hall Friday through Sunday. This event is not confined to the film industry; attendees include the IBEW, the building trades, and both public and private (more…)