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Aflac Insurance Available to Members at Union Rate

The Aflac duck flying through the sky.

You’ve probably seen commercials featuring the funny talking Aflac duck, but do you know what the company is actually selling? Aflac is a supplemental insurance provider whose Plans pay benefits to policy holders if they are so unfortunate as to be injured at work or to be diagnosed with cancer.

If you become sick or are injured your daily expenses can mount up quickly. Aflac pays you cash for those costs that may not be covered by your major medical insurance.

And Aflac pays quickly. If a Policyholder submits a claim via Aflac SmartClaim® by 3pm they will receive benefits in just one day.

It is important to understand that Aflac is not a part of your regular insurance plan.

You must elect to enroll in an Aflac Plan.

If you elect to enroll in an Aflac Plan you must pay for that plan on a recurring basis.


Enrolling in Aflac

Members of Local 479 can take advantage of special rates that Aflac offers to the membership of IATSE. To enroll in Aflac you may meet with an Aflac Representative at any of Local 479’s General Membership Meetings or call the Representative listed at end of article.


Existing Enrollees

If you are already enrolled in Aflac please check with the Aflac Representative when you are at the next meeting to ensure that you are enrolled in the newest Plan(s).


Plan Changes

If a Plan changes, you are grandfathered into the plan you have or you must contact the Aflac Representative to convert your plan to the newest Plan.


Register Online

If you are already enrolled please register yourself online at www.aflac.com , click register – create a user ID and Password and you will then be able to view your policy(ies), get claim forms, etc.



Aflac Plans offered to Members of Local 479:


Cancer Care Plan

Two levels: Select & Classic

(A Cancer Comparison Chart is attached comparing the two levels)


Cancer Care Rider


(you must attach this rider to a cancer plan – you can not get this plan on its own)


Accident Advantage Plan

Two levels: Option 3 & Option 4.

The Rate Sheet is Monthly.


Aflac Representative

If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling, please call the Local Aflac Representative, Johnny Smith (770) 851-3274. If you can not reach Johnny please call Dorothy Hofmann at (516) 417-3279.



If you have questions or need help contacting our Aflac representative feel free to contact Benefits Coordinator Lauralyn Walsh.


Don’t duck the opportunity to learn more about these Unique Benefits!!!!