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2022 Atlanta IATSE Charity Golf Tournament Raises More Than $24,000

Following a 2-year pandemic hiatus, the annual IATSE Charity Golf Tournament returned to the greens this past Saturday, April 30th, at the Flat Creek Country Club in Peachtree City. 27 teams from around Atlanta’s production community faced off over the course of 5 hours under warm April skies, raising more than $24,000 for the charity Meals on Wheels Atlanta.


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2022 Sponsors & Hosts

The 2022 tournament was hosted by IATSE Local 479 and co-hosted by IATSE Local 798, and organized by members of the Local 479 Golf Committee and supported by Local 479’s Women’s Committee. Local businesses and organizations stepped forward to sponsor holes (full list below).


The Cause

This year’s tournament marked 10 years of charitable support by members of IATSE for organizations making a difference around Georgia.

Meals on Wheels Atlanta logo

This year’s charity was Meals on Wheels Atlanta, a dedicated corps of volunteers delivering consistent meals to our senior neighbors. The meals they serve are nutritious and delicious, prepared by experienced chefs under the direction of a dietician. MOWA also provides a robust home repairs program, pet food supplies, and an emergency food pantry. They are on a mission to end senior hunger in Atlanta.


The 10th Annual IATSE Charity Golf Tournament raised $24,594 toward this noble cause.


Joshua Rumohr, Chief of Organizational Strategy for Meals on Wheels Atlanta, accepted the donation on behalf of the organization, thanking teams and sponsors at the opening acknowledgements before tee-off:

“Thank you so much. We can’t do what we do at Meals on Wheels Atlanta without the support from community organizations. What we do is an extremely important mission and we know that the need grows more and more every day. We are blessed to be the beneficiary of gifts like this.”
– Joshua Rumohr, Chief of Organizational Strategy for Meals on Wheels Atlanta


The Course

Flat Creek Country Club in Peachtree City is a 27-hole championship golf course featuring three diverse nines: Homestead, Old Mill, and Graveyard.

Overview map of the Flat Creek Country Club golf courses.

Scramble Rules

To accommodate 27 teams in a reasonable period of play time this tournament is run as a “scramble”, with each team taking a score at the end of each hole based on the single best shots from each position on that hole. Each of the 27 teams was assigned a starting hole from among the 27 available holes on the course, playing to complete an 18-hole round of golf.



First Place

Team Moose Lighting walked away with the best team score, each player in the foursome winning:

  • A bottle of Bushwood Front 9 Ultra-Premium Kentucky Bourbon
  • Bose speakers donated by Oz Magazine
  • $25 Visa Gift Card
  • $15 banjo coffee card


Putting Contest

Frankie Madero of Team Get Real #2 took this prize, winning:

  • Won a barbecue grill
  • certificate for a round of golf for 4 at a Canongate club


Longest Drive

Joe LaGanke of Team Moose won for the longest drive on hole 3 of the Homestead, while Conner Dickerson of Team Minion Madness won for the longest drive on hole 6 of Old Mill. Each player won:

  • A bottle of Bushwood Front 9 Ultra-Premium Kentucky Bourbon
  • Personal Bose Bluetooth speaker


Closest Pin

Brian “Budge” Johnson of Team New Mafia won for closest to the pin on hole 3 of Old Mill with 8 feet 2 inches, while John Metcalfe of the IATSE 600 team won for his accuracy on hole 5 of Graveyard with 7 feet 7 inches. Each player won:

  • A bottle of Bushwood Front 9 Ultra-Premium Kentucky Bourbon
  • Personal Bose Bluetooth speaker
  • 2 premium cigars


Hole in One

This year’s prize was $10,000 – there were no winners.



Drawings were held for a variety of prizes.


Officers in Attendance

This year we were honored to host representatives from the International, including:

  • International President, Matthew D. Loeb
  • 4th Int’l Vice President / Dept. Director, Motion Picture & TV Production, Michael F. Miller
  • 9th Int’l Vice President, Phil LoCicero (President IATSE Local 478)
  • Assistant Department Director, Motion Picture & Television Production, Dan Mahoney
  • 12th International Vice President, C. Faye Harper


IATSE Local 479 (Host of Tournament)

  • President, Ray Brown
  • Business Agent, Mike Akins
  • Director of Membership, Kevin Amick
  • Labor Delegate, Myra Foy (Women’s Committee Chair)
  • Sergeant at Arms, Kathy Tonkin-Vazquez (Golf Committee Chair, Women’s Committee Co-Chair)


IATSE Local 798 (Co-Host of Tournament)

  • President, Angela Johnson
  • Field Representative, Samantha Reese


IATSE Local 52

  • Field Representative, Mandie Demeskey




Please join us in thanking our sponsors:


Full Hole

Channel Ocho

Cinelease (as well as a half-hole sponsor)

Cofer Brothers


Herc Entertainment

IATSE (the International)

IATSE Local 600

Independent Studio Services (ISS)

Lightscape Lighting Control

Moose Lighting

Print Lab

Reel Supplies

Trilith Studios

Venture Roofing


Half Hole

Sweet Jones BBQ Sauce

Haddad’s Inc.




Several alternates were introduced on the day of the tournament, so if you see an error please reach out to the IATSE Local 479 Golf Committee.


  • Steven Basso
  • Art Schultz
  • Jerry Parker
  • John Bowman
  • David Ghegan (alternate)


Cofer Brothers

  • Larry Parks
  • Steve Swinger
  • Keith Torrence
  • Reggie Austin
  • Will Holcomb (alternate)


Company Time

  • Ryan Ketchum
  • Jordan Tyson
  • Robert McWates
  • Michael Patterson



  • Brian Mohney
  • Jeff Horricks
  • Hayden Hill
  • Devin Hill


Derbend Management Assets

  • Brian Chustz
  • Brian Cooper
  • Jeff Mayday
  • Tom Lacy


Fore Guys

  • Dean Grimes
  • Clark Grimes
  • Sam Situmorang
  • Scott Dale


Get Reel #1

  • Stephen Gindorf
  • Tracy Stockwell
  • Steve Faser
  • Brynner Goen


Get Reel #2

  • Bongo
  • Ryan Campo
  • Frankie Madero
  • Brandon Remteria


Grip House

  • Gary Holmes
  • Mike Tyson
  • Will Frazier
  • Kris Gordon


IATSE International

  • Matthew D. Loeb
  • Mandie Demeskey
  • Michael Miller
  • Dan Mahoney
  • Phil LoCicero


MBS #1

  • David Irwin
  • Jeff Murrell
  • Larry Sher
  • Mitch Ursetta


MBS #2

  • Justin Memovich
  • Matt Penner
  • Derek Page
  • David Galindo


Minion Madness

  • W. Jones
  • Craig Dickerson
  • Gregg Curtis
  • Conner Dickerson


Newnan Mafia

  • Chris Cotone
  • Ron Hynson
  • Brian “Budge” Johnson
  • Scott Gaston



  • Danny Holcomb
  • Eric Wolff
  • Janet Street
  • Bruce Street


Power Lab

  • Ryan Naylor
  • Tyler Childs
  • Chris Spears
  • Andrew Fernandez


Propular Persons

  • John Sanders
  • Todd Bridges
  • Kamilla Bridges
  • Jason Parisher


Team Local 600

  • Jonathan Irizarry
  • Brian Rosso
  • John Metcalfe
  • Ian Forsyth


Team Local 798

  • Tim Reese
  • Luke Waki
  • Samantha Reese
  • Angela Johnson


Team Moose

  • Mitch McDannald
  • Joe LaGanke
  • Nick Gaston
  • Jared Parsons


Team Venture

  • Jason Thompson
  • Danny Coulter
  • Chris English
  • Ohio Chris


The Fore Casters

  • Kevin Cheatham
  • Craig Cheatham
  • Brian Richedi
  • Ryan Lizardi


The Little Rascals

  • Kelly Tillery
  • Mickey O’Neill (Alex)
  • William Hayes
  • Rick Gardner


Trash Talkers

  • Steve Ficke
  • Tom Zell
  • Joel Mitchell
  • Jeff McMahon



  • JoAnn Perritano
  • Curtis Myer
  • John Samson
  • Jim Scaiffe


Turn Down for Putts

  • Jesse Olivares
  • Christian
  • Travis Bobbitt
  • David Brown



  • Jude Levasseur
  • Nic Vallecillo
  • Drew Orcutt
  • Dennis Sikes

Film Industry References Removed from HB 1437


The current threat to Georgia’s film tax credit is over.

Your activism, in coordination with our industry partners and the support of our friends in the Georgia Legislature, helped eliminate recent unwanted amendments to HB 1437.

Yesterday (Wednesday), the bill was sent back to the Senate Rules Committee.

Later in the day I met directly with the Governor, key Senate leadership, and our industry colleagues to reaffirm the widespread support for the State’s motion picture industry.

Today (Thursday) all references to the film industry tax credit were stripped from HB 1437, and the bill was passed out of the committee. It is expected to be placed on the Senate calendar for tomorrow (Friday).

At this time IATSE Local 479 has no further concerns with HB 1437.

We encourage you to reach out to your legislators and thank them for their continuing support of Georgia’s motion picture industry.

You can identify your legislators by visiting https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/.

In Solidarity,
Michael Akins
Local 479 Business Agent

HB 1437: Your Activism is Working

Your activism is working with HB 1437. More progress will be made. Read more to see the next steps we need to take.

Thank you for your emails and phone calls to members of the Georgia Senate last night and this morning.  Your activism is working; namely, HB 1437 with the offensive film tax credit language was removed from today’s vote calendar and sent back to the General Calendar, so the bill can be cleaned up by removing the tax credit cap and the transferability language.

HB 1437 has to go through some legislative steps and we have another chance to impact on that process, so please look at the attached link to the list of Senators with email addresses and phone numbers and send them another message to first thank them for recommitting HB 1437 and then to ask for the removal of PART III, Section 3-1 in the current bill which contains the negative film tax credit language (caps and transferability).

You have a chance to repeat today’s success with another display of how important it is for the Legislature not to disturb current film tax credit law which has proven to be so helpful to job creation in our industry.

Please click the link below to access the contact list for the Senators.

Click here to download list of Senators


Urgent: Georgia’s Film Industry in Danger

Georgia's Film Industry in Danger

On Monday, the Georgia Senate Finance Committee unexpectedly proposed a measure that would amend HB1437, capping the film tax credit at $900 million annually, and eliminating the ability to transfer credits out of state.

The consequences of these two amendments to our tax credit would be devastating.

This amended bill is set to go before the Senate floor TODAY.

We believe that it is important to reach out to the Republican majority senators and ask them to please vote to “re-commit HB 1437 to the Rules Committee” when it comes to the floor today.

We have compiled a list of those Senators and are asking you to reach out and request that they send HB 1437 back to committee.

Please click the link below to access the contact list for the Senators.

Click here to download list of Senators


58th CAS Awards Nominations Include Local 479

IATSE Local 479 is pleased to announce that two of our members, Michael Filosa and Christopher Giles have been nominated for the 58th CAS Awards For Outstanding Achievement In Sound Mixing For 2021.

Mike was nominated for his work on Cobra Kai, Season 3, Episode 10 (Netflix). Read about Mike’s work on Cobra Kai on prosoundweb.com

Chris was nominated for his work on WandaVision Episode 8, “Previously On’ (Disney+). Read about Chris’ work on WandaVision on btlnews.com

Congratulations also go out to Local 479 members Alana Knutson and Jason Lewis for their work on the Disney+ series Hawkeye, Episode 3, “Echoes”, under Sound Mixer Pud Cusack, CAS (Local 695).

The 58th Annual CAS Awards will take place on Saturday, March 19, 2022, at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown Hotel in the Wilshire Grand Ballroom.

Are you a 479 member who has been nominated for an industry award? Please contact 479media@iatse479.org with the details so we can share your news with our membership.

2021 Area Standards Agreement

The International has provided a video explaining the gains accomplished in the 2021 Area Standards Tentative Agreement.


ASA Ratification Documentation Now Available

Members of IATSE Local 479 may now log into the Member Dashboard to accessing documentation for the pending ASA ratification vote. A log-in is required – members only.

ASA Ratification Documentation (click here)

Covid Act Now Website

We would like to make you aware of CovidActNow.org, a data source used by the bargaining committee to successfully formulate and inform the Return to Work COVID protocols and how they are applied. (more…)

2020 Robert Vazquez Scholarship Winners

Vice President Whit Norris announced the winners of the 2020 Robert Vazquez IATSE 479 Scholarship this week, saying: “I am pleased to report that this year the committee has awarded 8 scholarships.”

Please join us in congratulating our 2020 Robert Vazquez Scholarship Winners: (more…)

Frank Hatcher Retires as General Secretary-Treasurer

In the June 2021 General Membership meeting Brother Frank Hatcher announced his official resignation from Local 479 as General Secretary-Treasurer.

As a former officer in the banking industry, Frank was an advocate for the implementation of financial best practices in our local and help set a vision for our future.

In recognition of Brother Hatcher’s more than 6 years of service to our local President Ray Brown awarded him with a plaque.

In an email to the membership President Brown noted the instrumental role Frank played in managing the growth of this local during his tenure, as membership grew from several hundred to more than 5,500.

“His guidance and leadership will be greatly missed and the Executive Board extends our sincere thanks to both Brother Hatcher and his family.” – Ray Brown