479 NEWS

2nd Annual Family Health & Wellness Event


Local 479 will be hosting its 2nd annual health event on Saturday, March 11th, from 9am to 2pm. This event is designed to encourage our members to be proactive about their personal health and to educate them on how to use their medical insurance for preventative care. Refreshments will be provided.

Benefits Coordinator Lauralyn Walsh has a background in health fairs and encourages you to attend this event for your own sake, saying:

“So many of our people burn the candle at both ends. So many of our members wait until they’re sick to take care of themselves. We have a lot of members who wind up in the hospital and if they’d just had their general checkups and screenings they’d be medicated and well. A lot of conditions can be addressed through medicine and proper diet, exercise, immunizations, lifestyle changes… we want to show our members all the ways that they can avoid illness.“



Some screenings are free, while others will require payment via medical insurance, so be sure to bring your insurance and medical cards with you. There will be no out of pocket costs involved with these screenings, which will include:

  • Allergy Testing
  • Blood Panels
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Pre-Cancer Screening
  • Alternative Pain Relief
  • Bone Density Screening


If you have any questions please contact Benefits Coordinator, Lauralyn Walsh.


Mammogram RSVP

Members have been cordially invited via email to RSVP for on-site mammography screenings at this year’s Wellness Event. Annual mammograms are an essential part of wellness for women and this time saving on-site program is fully covered by your health insurance. Making time for an examination can be a struggle for many in our industry which is why this event may be the solution for your busy lifestyle.


Service Providers

We have assembled a wide range of service providers who will be set up in public areas around the inside of the building, so this is a “Rain or Shine” event! Many of these service providers specialize in certain diseases and treatment options. While the list of service providers is growing all the time, it presently includes:


Atlanta Fibroid Clinic
Atlanta Gastroenterology
Breast Health
Cancer Center of America
Diabetes Association of America
Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
Holistic Medicine
Mental Health
My Georgia Dentist
Northside Hospital
Organic Farming
Photo Magic Media
PSA/Men’s Health
Superior Vegan (email: [email protected])
The Center for Diabetic Hearing
Vein Center
Vision Health
Young Women’s Christian Association


Activities for Kids

Be sure to bring your kids, as we’ll have areas dedicated to them for fun and education!

The Kiddie Olympics Fit Zone is an educational obstacle course with health-related stops along the way.

meet real firemen and see a fire truck up close

bouncy house

face painting

arts & crafts


Prizes & Giveaways!

Attendees can take part in a “passport system”, in which each service provider you visit will stamp your passport book, and at the end of the day we’ll draw names to see which visitors will receive gifts from the service providers, which may include gift cards, free products or services.


Health Education

This event is organized by the Local 479 Benefits Department in coordination with the Education Department.

Director of Education Kevin Amick encourages members to attend this event, saying:

“Our goal is to assist our Member Services department in educating our members on how to take advantage of the many benefits that they have under their health insurance. As a former Medic I know how hard people work on set and how easy it is for them to forget to take care of themselves.”

The Young Workers Committee will be providing volunteers. If you are a member and are interested in volunteering please contact Lauralyn Walsh.