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2019 Robert Vazquez Scholarship Winners

The winners of the 2019 Robert Vazquez IATSE 479 Scholarship were announced to the membership via email by Vice President Whit Norris, due to the onset of Covid-19.

This year there was a 4-way tie for the third spot, leading to the award of an unprecedented 6 scholarships being awarded for the 2019 Cycle.

Congratulations to the following winners…

  • Gabrielle Faulkner – niece of Josh Nobles (full custody guardian)
  • Kaden Harrison – son of Sam Harrison
  • Mia Santo – daughter of Scott Naughton
  • Alyssa Cerchiai – daughter of Kevin Cerchiai
  • Hakim Robinson – member
  • Jamel Copeland – son of Reggie Copeland

About the Robert Vazquez Scholarship Essay

The Robert Vazquez scholarship provides $4,000 to a member, member’s spouse, son, daughter, grandchild or any child for which the member may be deemed to act as legal guardian. Candidates are challenged to write an essay on a topic, with a jury of selected readers.

This year the Scholarship Committee posed the question “Over the last one hundred years, have film and television improved our culture?”

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Note: this post will be updated as winners are announced and as awards are bestowed.