479 NEWS

2017 Dues Incentive Plan


The Local 479 Dues Incentive Plan was once again approved by a vote of the membership in the October General Membership Meeting. This means that members who meet the following criteria will have their quarterly membership dues paid for by the local:

  1. Have paid in at least $264 in 3% working dues between the dates of 11/1/2015 and 10/31/2016
  2. Have paid all charges and have a $0.00 balance on account as of 11/30/2016

DEADLINE: please note that the qualification deadline is November 30, 2016!

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check your account balance and to make sure that you meet these criteria. Members who do not meet these criteria as of December 1st WILL NOT receive the Incentive Plan for 2017, so please reach out to the office as soon as possible!

Note: the current member dashboard website is currently unavailable while our web developer finalizes a new and expanded member dashboard site. Until the new site launches we ask that you PLEASE give the office a call between 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday, to get confirmation on your account status and to make payments, if necessary. The office number is (404) 361-5676.