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How to Reset Your Member Dashboard Password


Forgotten your password to the Member Dashboard website? This post will take you through the necessary steps for resetting your password so you can access your account and other member-only information like productions lists, meeting minutes, insurance, and the ability to pay your dues electronically…

Step One: Click “Forgot Your Password?”

Beneath the login button is a link titled “Forgot Your Password?” – click it.



Step Two: Enter Your Email Address

Type in your email address and click the Reset button. If you have more than one email address you must use the one that you have instructed the office is your primary address, as any other address you submit will be not be on file. If you’re not sure which one this is just check your email to see which address is receiving emails from the local. If you can’t figure this out call the local at (404) 361-5676 and ask for help.



Step Three: Confirmation

If you have correctly entered the email the local has on file for you the login screen will provide a confirmation that an email reset has been emailed to you at that address.



Step Four: Check Your Email

Check your inbox for an email from the office labeled “IATSE 479 Password Recovery” and make note of the newly issued temporary password.



Step Five: Login Using Temporary Password

Return to the login screen and enter the username and password sent to you in the email.


Step 6: Update Your Password

The first thing you’ll encounter after a forced password reset is the Update Password screen. Enter in your temporary password in the top field (this is the one sent to you in your email), then enter in a NEW password into the next two fields – you’re asked to do it twice to help you make sure that you’re typing it correctly (to avoid doing another password reset). Be sure to make your new password more than 8 characters long, with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Click ‘UPDATE’ once you’ve entered your changes and make a note of your new password for your next login.


If you have any questions or problems regarding this process please call the office at (404) 361-5676.