Training Our Crews

Local 479 has a proud history of experienced crews mentoring its newer members, and as our local has grown we have built upon that culture of members-training-members. Today our local features an educational curriculum designed to pass along the best practices in use by technicians in a variety of specialized crafts from our industry. With dedicated training workspaces and classrooms, our local is becoming a national leader within the IATSE. Our newest members are expected to participate, while our most experienced members are encouraged to lead by example and to share their time and knowledge with the next generation.

Education Calendar

Members in good standing who wish to enroll in any of the training classes we offer should send an email to  Please be sure to include your full legal name and the date of the specific class(es) you wish to attend.

November 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • New Member Orientati…
  • AWP @ Sunbelt Rental…
  • AWP @ Sunbelt Rental…
  • Heartsaver CPR-AED
  • Vectorworks Spotligh…
  • Vectorworks Spotligh…
  • FORKLIFT@ Sunbelt Re…
  • AWP @ Sunbelt Rental…
  • FORKLIFT @ Sunbelt R…
  • Day 1 Introduction t…
  • Heartsaver CPR-AED
  • Day 2 Introduction t…
  •  "It Only Looks…
  • AWP @ Sunbelt Rental…
  • AWP @ Sunbelt Rental…
  • AWP @ Sunbelt Rental…
  • FORKLIFT@ Sunbelt Re…
  • FORKLIFT @ Sunbelt R…

Education Leadership Team


Kevin Amick

Director of Education

Kevin became the first Director of Education at Local 479, launching the program in 2014. He works in coordination with the International and agencies like the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) and the IATSE Training Trust to develop new and continuing education to allow our members to meet the demands of their employers and ensure that our local provides a skilled workforce to the entertainment industry.

Ed Hotchkiss outside the entrance to Local 479

Ed Hotchkiss

Assistant Director of Education

Ed joined the Local’s Education Department in late 2015. His duties include securing speakers, alerting membership to upcoming classes, managing attendee lists, preparing training facilities, arranging meals, and observing classes.

Felicia Smith

Administrative Assistant

The addition of Felicia Smith is a sign of the continuing growth and success of Local 479’s Education Department. Felicia handles day to day administrative tasks and provides logistical support to both Kevin and Ed.

Education Classes

Local 479’s hands-on, interactive classes expose students to all aspects of the techniques employed by the craft and provide direct access to experts in the field, from vendor reps and equipment suppliers to department heads . Note that this page features a list of classes we have offered over the past 18 months.


How to Sign Up For Classes

Signing up for a class is really quite simple –  the difficult part is requesting attendance before a class is filled. Take a moment to review these notes:

  1. Unless noted otherwise, you must be a member in good standing of Local 479 to participate in one of our classes.
  2. Check your email frequently. We often post notices on our social media outlets as well, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, but email is the most reliable way to stay up-to-date on our current classes and their availability.
  3. If you see a class that you’d like to take, contact us immediately (in the manner specified in the email or social media posting) to get your name in the queue for a spot. You will be notified via email when you have been successfully registered for a class.
  4. If you are confirmed as an attendee for a class be sure to attend on the day and time specified. If you find yourself unable to attend a class after receiving your confirmation of registration email, PLEASE notify Kevin or Ed via email or by phone at least 24 hours prior to the class, so that they may offer the spot to the next member on the waiting list.
  5. To sign up and for more information on classes contact

Training Workshop

This 3,030 square foot multipurpose shop space is equipped with ample AC power to accommodate all training needs. Two large roll-up doors provide easy load-in and load-out of specialty equipment, allowing training classes to be conducted regardless of weather conditions. Local 479 has acquired a collection of construction tools, grip and electric equipment, and other technical tools in order to provide hands-on training and a true-to-life experience for members taking a class.

Safety Pass Application

The Safety Pass Program was conceived by the Motion Picture and Television Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee as a means of addressing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (“OSHA”) requirements that employees be trained (and the training documented) in the safe use of equipment and work practices on their job.

Sign up today (using the form linked below) to take modules A & A2.