Crew Central

Crewing Up

Crew Central is designed to give our members important information about finding work and provide department heads and employers with the ability to peruse the latest full roster of available members and their standing with the local. Members can download a variety of forms, from Authorization of Representation, to Dues Assessment Payroll Deduction, to applications. Members of other locals can learn the necessary steps for transferring their membership to Local 479, while potential new members can find out what they need to do to join our union. This section provides shop stewards with quick links to other locals, labor sites, and information on how to organize a production.

Field Representatives & Stewards

Local 479 provides a team of full-time field representatives who are on call 24/7 to provide support services, both to our embedded stewards and to all members of the Local.

Additionally, crews nominate one of their day to day members to act as a steward between production and crew, meaning that each production has its own embedded representative on set or in the mill. Union stewards are responsible for enforcing the contract and work rules for the show they’re working on, and their primary duty as steward is to be aware of all aspects of a production and set activities so that they may report disputes and identify conditions that may place members of the crew in danger. On-set and off-set stewards should report all concerns to the full-time Local 479 field representative assigned to their show.

Billy Deacon

A member since the 1990s, Billy joined the Field Rep Team in 2012. In addition to his responsibilities as a Field Rep, Billy is committed to helping people recover from substance abuse and is ready to lend assistance to members who might need help with substance abuse in their own lives.

Cari Watkins

Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant to the Field Representatives, Cari performs the clerical duties necessary for assisting the Field Reps in tracking shows and issuing new production emails. She also assists with Compliance.


Availability List

The PDF provided below is updated on a daily basis by our IT department and reflects the most up to date list of members who have indicated they are available for immediate work. Department heads in our local may find it faster to login to the Member Dashboard and search for specific craft positions. Producers may apply for access to this searchable database by calling the office at (404) 361-5676 and asking to speak with the Business Agent.

Full Roster List

The PDF provided below represents our local’s full roster. Department heads in our local may find it faster to log in to the Member Dashboard and search for specific craft positions. Producers may apply for access to this searchable database by calling the office at (404) 361-5676 and asking to speak with the Business Agent.

Bad Standing List

The PDF provided below represents a list of members who are currently in bad standing and is generally updated every Friday.

Expelled List

This list represents people who have been expelled from the local. This list is updated quarterly by hand. Reinstatements that occur between quarters will not show up again until the next update.

Accounting Forms

If you have not already been provided with a work dues assessment form from your current show’s accounting department, simply download and complete the appropriate form (below) and submit it along with your start paperwork to ensure that accounting withholds your work dues assessments. If you are unsure of which form to use, don’t hesitate to contact your show steward or one of our office stewards. Failure to have your 3% work dues withheld from your paycheck on a weekly basis will result in an invoice for the lump sum amount to be charged upon completion of the audit for each show.

Organizing A Show

Signatories are studios and production companies that have signed a standing agreement with the IATSE to meet certain minimum standards with regards to wages, hours, working conditions, and benefits for crew members. Non-union productions with no signatory company attached are under no contractual obligations to meet any of these standards. The process of negotiating a signed agreement with a non-union production begins by having a majority of the crew in all covered IA crafts sign an “Authorization of Representation” that give Local 479 the authority to negotiate on their behalf. This Authorization may come in the form of a hard-copy card, or an online form, but either way they are often referred to as “cards”. When a majority of signed cards have been gathered they are submitted to the producer along with a request that the producer enter into negotiations with the Local, typically conducted by the Local’s Business Agent and agents of the International. If you are on a show that is currently in the process of collecting signed authorization cards, you may complete the form below, which upon submission, would be emailed to the Business Agent and/or stewards in charge of your organizing effort.

BUSINESS AGENT:   Michael Akins


Authorization of Representation

The following agreement is for people who are already working on a production and are requesting representation by IATSE Local 479.  If you are interested in joining the union please see Becoming a Member.


I hereby authorize International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada to represent me for the purpose of collective bargaining with my above-named employer, and to negotiate and conclude all agreements respecting wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment. I understand that this card can be used by the Union to obtain recognition from my employer without an election, and I hereby also apply for membership in the above-named Union.


Transferring Into Local 479

Local 479 recognizes the significance of a transfer of membership and to ease the process we have made transferral into Local 479 a simple 4-step process:

  1. Request a Transfer Card from your current local.
  2. Obtain a Transfer of Membership application from Local 479 and complete it in its entirety. This application is available for download, below.
  3. Visit the Local 479 office in person to submit your Transfer Application and transfer fee of $700, as well as any remaining quarterly dues for the year.
  4. At the time of your application and fee submittal, please have all of the documentation listed below with you.
  • GA or AL Drivers License with an issue date at least 30 days old
  • Voters Registration in your name in GA or AL
  • Vehicle Registration in your name in GA or AL

Transferring Out of Local 479

While it’s unusual to transfer members away from Local 479 it does happen occasionally, and although we’ll be sad to see you go, we’re right here to help you with the transfer process.  Contact our office as soon as you know that you’ll be transferring your membership and we’ll work with you and the receiving local to make the transfer.

Report Your Work

The local depends on the participation of all members to alert us of new projects in town, as some projects may attempt to work in our jurisdiction without ever contacting the local. If we don’t know about the project, we cannot be there to represent you.

This form is completely anonymous unless you opt to include your contact information (it’s your choice).


Beneficiary Forms

It’s important to maintain up to date beneficiary designations for the financial security of your loved ones, and members of IATSE Local 479 have four (4) different benefits for which beneficiaries may be named.  PDFs of beneficiary designation forms are provided below.


NOTE: neglecting to name a specific person (or persons) or by entering “estate” as your beneficiary could result in your assets passing through a lengthy probate process upon your death, leaving your heirs without the ability to receive the funds when they may need them most. Furthermore, if no beneficiary is named, the estate may be forced to immediately pay income tax on the funds, often at an unfavorable tax rate.