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College Degree for No Out-of-Pocket Cost


UnionPlus and Eastern Gateway offer college opportunity

Eastern Gateway Community College is offering members of IATSE Local 479 the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree with NO out-of-pocket costs. This degree program has been brought to Local 479 by UnionPlus, an affiliate of the AFLCIO, and applies to both members and their families. An Associate Degree can lead to immediate employment opportunities (more…)

Local 479 Braves Day 2018

Yesterday our members were treated to an exciting come-from-behind victory by the Atlanta Braves against the Florida Marlins at SunTrust Park.

This was the first time Local 479 has held a group event at the new location and members report having had a terrific experience exploring the new ballpark.

Events like Local 479 Braves Day provide our members with an opportunity to spend time with each other away from work, in a fun, relaxed environment.

Check out some great photos folks shared with us on our Facebook page, and stay tuned for (more…)

Empire Anywhere App

Empire BlueCross BlueShield provides the free ‘Empire Anywhere’ app to its customers using the Android or iOS mobile device platforms. This app provides users with convenient access to much of the same information available from (more…)

Empire BlueCross BlueShield Insurance

This is the first in a series of articles providing an explanation of insurance benefits (medical, dental, vision, and prescription drugs) available to members of Local 479.

Members of IATSE Local 479 receive a variety of benefits under the IATSE National Health & Welfare Fund, Plan C. These benefits include hospital and medical coverage through Empire BlueCross BlueShield (referred to more simply as “Empire”). If you are a member with insurance through Empire you are strongly encouraged to (more…)

Lynda.com Subscriptions Year 3

This summer marks the third year of IATSE’s partnership with Lynda.com, an online training resource featuring in-depth tutorials on a variety of subjects including craft-specific topics, leadership training, and software guides.



The International is once again offering an annual premium discounted subscription to Lynda.com to members in good standing. An annual subscription to this service may normally cost up to $359, but our members can purchase an annual subscription for only $25 – (more…)

How to Login to Channel 479

In yesterday’s General Membership meeting the local debuted a new members-only video portal called “Channel 479”.  This new service is part of a long-term strategy for expanding Local 479’s education program for all covered crafts, ensuring that new generations of technicians are taught best practices by leaders from their departments.  In addition to training and educational videos, Channel 479 will provide news from the President, the Business Agent, and (more…)

Local 479 Takes 2nd Place in True Colors Golf Tournament

Last month Local 479 Field Reps A.B. Cooper and Billy Deacon participated in the Kenny Leon Charitable Golf Tournament for the True Colors Theatre Company, whose mission is the creation of theatre grounded in the rich canon of African-American classics, including bold interpretations of world drama with  (more…)

Online Safety Training Now Available

Director of Education Kevin Amick wants to remind members that they are eligible to take the first two modules offered under the Safety Pass system:

A and A2 Safety Pass courses are now online and ready for your application. This training is provided to you at no charge and upon completion you will receive a Safety Pass Card for these courses. Just follow the directions and submit your application today.
– Kevin Amick


Sign up today at www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/asa


Course Descriptions


This course explains safety orientation, employee/employer rights and responsibilities, hazard communications, use of personal protection equipment, proper lifting techniques, emergency action procedures, and general production safety procedures. The course takes an average of one hour to complete. You do not have to complete the class all at once.



This course covers a wide range of subjects, including studio lot & location safety, heat illness, severe weather, disaster/emergency response, environmental awareness, transportation of dangerous goods, electrical safety, and workplace cleanliness. The course takes an average of three hours to complete. You do not have to complete the class all at once.



The Safety Pass Program was conceived by the Motion Picture and Television Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee as a means of addressing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (“OSHA”) requirements that employees be trained (and the training documented) in the safe use of equipment and work practices on their job. Because of the freelance nature of many motion picture and television assignments, the Safety Pass Program provides valuable assistance in meeting the training needs of the Industry by (more…)

2017 Health & Wellness Day Wrap-Up


IATSE Local 479 Benefits Coordinator Lauralyn Walsh reports that this year’s Health & Wellness Day saw an increase in attendance and looks forward to even more growth for next year’s event. In addition to the screenings mentioned in this year’s announcement, the event also included specialized hearing exams and testing for prostate cancer. The remote mammogram testing team was unable to be secured due to low pre-registration by our membership, which is largely due to our membership’s age skewing younger. (more…)

Getting Your Vacation Check


The time has come again for the local to mail out Vacation Fund checks to those members who paid more than $1000 in 3% work dues in the previous year.

The qualifications for receiving a Vacation Fund check:

  1. pay in more $1000 in 3% work dues between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year
  2. be in good standing as of last day of the previous year

Read this article to learn more about this refund, unique to Local 479.

Vacation checks are printed and mailed from a company called Neverland Film Services, and any checks that have been sent to incorrect addresses will be returned to this company, so you will not be able to pick them up from the Local 479 office.

It’s important to know that the office provides Neverland with the addresses to mail your check to based on your information in the member database, so now is the time to visit the Member Dashboard website and (more…)