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Faced with Life or Death on Set: When Seconds Count

A film set.

It was a typical late June afternoon in Riverchase, a bustling community in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover. With temperatures climbing steadily toward the nineties, traces of future storm clouds began to dot the far horizon.

A group of trucks were parked just outside the Rooms To Go store on Chapel Lane and a steady stream of people had been ferrying equipment in and out of the building all morning long, the telltale indication of an active commercial shoot.

A number of the shooting crew from Atlanta had arrived in town the previous night and the Key Grip, Roger Sherer, was animatedly telling his friends about a local restaurant he’d found that featured great food and live music. A musician himself, Roger wanted to get a group together and (more…)

Thank You President Loeb

Thank You President Loeb!

Your leadership has inspired the members of Local 479 to achieve excellence over the past decade and since the last convention we have been actively implementing the 4 Pillars of Success. (more…)

Local 479 Welcomes Millicent Pedersen

During the first week of June the staff at Local 479 bid a fond farewell to receptionist Kaleitha Thomas as she pursues her long term career goals down in sunny Florida. For nearly 3 years Kaleitha was the smiling face and friendly voice greeting visitors to the local, becoming an integral member of the staff with duties over and above routing telephone calls and guests.

Finding a suitable replacement for Kaleitha presented a (more…)

Growth Equals Strength

The 2nd Quarter issue of The Bulletin was released this afternoon, and is devoted to the theme “Growth = Strength”, as set forward by President Matthew D. Loeb in his latest newsletter, on page 5.  This quarter’s issue is a lead-in to the 68th Quadrennial Convention and of particular interest to members of Local 479 is the article “Growth Equals Strength”, which recounts (more…)

Education Department Adds Administrative Assistant

This month Local 479’s Education department welcomed on board its first dedicated administrative assistant, Felicia Smith. The continuing growth of the local’s education and training programs and an upcoming expansion of the education facilities prompted this staff addition, and Felicia’s strong administrative experience will allow her to (more…)

Honoring Your Non-Disclosure Agreements

It’s important to remind our members that sharing photos and videos from set can be a career-ending decision.

While it has never been easier to share photos and videos with your friends and family, it’s important to remember that there are legal boundaries involved for those who work in the motion picture industry.  When you sign start paperwork for a film or television production you will almost always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is a legal agreement between you and the (more…)

How to Login to Channel 479

In yesterday’s General Membership meeting the local debuted a new members-only video portal called “Channel 479”.  This new service is part of a long-term strategy for expanding Local 479’s education program for all covered crafts, ensuring that new generations of technicians are taught best practices by leaders from their departments.  In addition to training and educational videos, Channel 479 will provide news from the President, the Business Agent, and (more…)

Local 479 Takes 2nd Place in True Colors Golf Tournament

Last month Local 479 Field Reps A.B. Cooper and Billy Deacon participated in the Kenny Leon Charitable Golf Tournament for the True Colors Theatre Company, whose mission is the creation of theatre grounded in the rich canon of African-American classics, including bold interpretations of world drama with  (more…)

CopyThat App Released for Film Industry

One of our members recently approached the local to share news about an app that he has developed for helping crewmembers post their up-to-the-minute availability for work with others in the industry.  The app is named “CopyThat” and is available for both iOS (link) and Android (link) platforms. (more…)

Production Assistants Listed in Covered Crafts

Dear Department Heads:

This is a reminder that the IA does not recognize PA’s in covered-craft departments. The recognized tasks of a PA include making copies, handling lunch orders, making coffee, answering phones, etc. All of these tasks fall under the production department’s responsibilities. When a PA is listed under a covered-craft department, the union presumes them to be (more…)